Help ID Lindsay Lohan's Sneakers!!


Oct 5, 2006
Rockville, MD

I am seriously freakin.

Where can we order these from..?
I know that Nordstrom carries them but they may be from Ash's winter season. I bought mine at the Nordstrom at Tyson's and have seen them at their store in Bethesda. They're sold out online:

I know that when I was considering a second pair to give as a gift, the store I went to didn't have that size but said they could order them. If you have a Nordstrom store near you, perhaps you could give them the item information from the link and ask them to order a pair for you? I don't remember the exact price I paid but it was around $150. That may seem high for something that looks like a goth Converse sneaker but the quality is worth it. The entire upper is leather, it feels soft and fits like a glove, the shoe has excellent arch support and I can walk in mine all day long. As much as I love the look of Chucks, Converse Chucks are murder on my feet, especially since I get Plantar's fasciitis and it acts up within an hour of putting those on!