Help ID Lindsay Lohan's black bag....

  1. Does anyone have any idea what this bag is?
  2. YSL? Chloe? I'm just guessing- I'm not sure whose hardware that is.
  3. Lilo's bag is from Balenciaga.
  4. It's a Balenciaga Arena Tote Hook bag.
  5. So funny because I ruled out Balenciaga becuase of the front clasps!
  6. ^^ This bag is part of their Spring 2006 collection. There is also a smaller version.
  7. i hate her outfit!
  8. i always love her style..but not this time..i think she's very fashionable..can't wait to see her as the new LV face..
  9. She's no more LV face. It's Naomi Campbell & has been confirmed already.
  10. the shoes are christian louboutin(sp?) (love love love)
  11. I would've actually liked the outfit if she didn't have that's too much...