Help ID Kate's bag

  1. I know this probably doesn't deserve a thread of its own......
    Does anyone know what bag Kate is carrying in this picture?
    Thanks ;)
  2. I don't know... could it be the Chloe Heloise? To be honest I can't see it all that well and i'm just going by the weird handles. It might be this style as opposed to the blog one though.

    (I am having soooo much fun hyperlinking all my words ever since I found out you could!)
  3. I saw this same pic in a magazine & I, too, think they identified it as the Chloe Heloise. The smaller version.
  4. That bag is really cute. Nicole Richie has one in black...same size.
  5. Cute bag. Like the shoes, too.
  6. That is a cute bag. Not really a fan of hers though!