Help ID bag Nicky is carrying in new Life & Style

  1. Hi ladies-
    Unfortunately I couldn't get a good pic with my digital camera but in the new issue of Life & Style Weekly (July 23, 2007 issue) on page 58 there is a pic of Nicky Hilton carrying a dark Bbag with GGH. If anyone has seen this issue and can help me ID the style and color of this bag I would greatly appreciate it. I love everything about the bag but I'm not sure if the color is Anthracite or something else (looks kinda dark and metallic?)
  2. I'm pretty sure it's black! I saw her with both GGH Work and Brief. If it's on shoulder it's prob. brief :smile:
  3. Sorry I'm pretty new to Bbags, are both the brief & work rectangular in shape? She is carrying it on her arm. I will try to see if I can take another photo with my digital camera...
  4. If she carried it in her arm @ it's rectangular, I think it's GGH Work in black :smile: I'm kinda new too but I'm pretty sure!
  5. is it the one with paris behind her? i saw a pic of it somewhere looks a bit slouch in the pic...i think its a brief
  6. is this the one?
    nicky (Small).jpg
  7. Isnt that a giant brief?
  8. I am pretty sure it is the brief. Is it me or does it look small on her?? But she is also 5 or 6 inches taller than me, LOL.
  9. If she's refering to this bag, I think it's work!
  10. She's been photographed carrying both a Giant black brief AND a Giant black work, so it could be either one (or a totally new one...knowing her.. ;) ).
  11. I believe the first pic posted is the GH brief. The second is the GH work. Both are gorgeous!
  12. Thanks to all you ladies for helping me try to ID the bag, the style looks like the picture posted by always sunny but the color doesn't look black it almost looks like anthracite or maybe a dark metallic navy (if they make such a color). I'm off to work but will try to get a pic up later. In the mag she is wearing a black tank top & denim shorts.
  13. Ok ladies I finally found some pics online and realize that it is a black bbag, I guess something was up with the pic in the magazine. Can someone just confirm which style this is
    nickyh.jpg nickyh1.jpg nickyh2.jpg
  14. Looks like a black Work to me?
  15. ^^agree it looks like black work. However, I did have the opportunity to compare this season's steel against my black city and the steel is not tooooo far off from the black. It just seems like a faded slightly blue-ish black. It could be either one, IMO.