Help ID bag from Modern Family please!!

  1. I saw a bag on Julie Bowen on Modern Family and it was love at first sight but I have no idea what the bag is! Does anyone know the name of the bag or even just the brand?? Thanks!!
  2. i would also like to know the bag the original poster asked about...

  3. awesome!!! you seem like a lovely husband! I think Furla was a very nice choice.
  4. I liked this bag when I saw this episode. If you re-watch this part again, you can barely see the gold TB symbol on the bag. It's an older model Dena hobo w/ the flat strap. She makes a different style now but can't find the color, not sure if it's available. I believe only black and blush are available from, etc.

    Search on eBay. I saw one there last week. HTH!
  5. thank you for all the info :smile:
  6. Some of the TB Boutiques di still have them in the tan color. I just bought one and they sent it to me. You should be able to call any boutique or TB outlet and they will tell you which stores do still have them.
  7. Obviously a couple of years late on this one, but I have my own question. Julie Bowen had a great handbag on Modern Family last night (10/9/13). Does anyone know what brand or where I can get this bag?
  8. I also saw that bag and have been looking for it today online! No luck yet - it is a great looking bag and I love the color.
  9. I'm also wondering about this satchel and hoping someone can help ID it. Here is a still pic I ImageUploadedByPurseForum1381435793.260223.jpg
  10. I am also googling trying to find this bag too!