Help! I won my claim but...

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  1. I'll start off with some brief background. I bought a no-name bag on ebay which including shipping was $52 USD. I was always scared of buying cream coloured bags even though I like them for fear that I'll get them dirty in no time, so I figured I would just get a cheap one to use everyday. Auction ended on Dec 2, 2008 and I paid the next day. 30+ days later, I still have yet to recieve anything. This is my first time filing for a dispute and then escalating to a claim. Prior to doing this, I sent the seller a message on Jan 5, 2009 asking her if she could tell me the shipping info for the item and letting her know that I still haven't recieved my item yet. She doesn't respond. Fast forward 10 days later, I file my dispute/claim and today I get an email from paypal saying that I won because she replied in the resolution center that she forgot about sending my item due to family difficulties:

    Dear ms. abc,

    We have concluded our investigation into your claim.

    Seller's name: HJ
    Seller's email:
    Seller's transaction ID: adf

    Transaction date: Dec 3, 2008
    Transaction amount: -$52.00 USD
    Your transaction ID: xxc
    Case number: jkm

    You have received a refund via PayPal in the amount of $52.00 USD.

    You had already reversed the transaction amount through your bank. Because
    of this we will debit the full transaction amount from your PayPal balance.


    Protection Services Department


    Uh...WTH!? I didn't reverse the transaction through my bank! The charge for the bag was due with last month's CC bill which I paid in full already! Can anyone that has filed a claim before tell me if I'm understanding this correctly? How does the refund work? I don't see any money in my Paypal account from the seller or paypal!

    I've never filed a PP claim before so I know I sound pretty unknowledgable. TIA for your help guys!
  2. i would get a statement from your bank that the charge was not reversed, and fax that over to paypal right away. sounds like they are under the impression you did a charge-back. if that is the case and they won't look into it, you can go ahead and do a chargeback i suppose. you'd have credit on your credit card that way.
  3. For some reason, the message always says that but they don't. Check your paypal account, it'll be there.
  4. Call PayFoe.
  5. Did you only get this in email? This doesn't sound like a valid email from Paypal OR they sent you the message intended for the seller.