HELP: I won LV Cherry Blossom Pink Papillon but it's listing again by another seller


Please let me know, do you think I correct & these are the same item?

  1. 1000% same item!

  2. No, they're different...

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  1. Hi, anyone could help me? I won 100% AUTHENTIC Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom Papillon ( seller ID: ndkkg ) ( item number: [FONT=Arial, Verdana]110070227405 ) [/FONT]on December, 23 and paid by PayPal on December, 30.

    But, make me shock & get panic attack, my CB Papillon is listing again by another seller ID: mildred_kts ( item number:
    130068444020 ), before she's listed it but not sold ( item number: 130065777211 )

    I've reported to eBay but has not respond yet. I know it's the same item with I won becuase we all know, Cherry Blossom created with different Cherry Flowers place on each pieces. Why could 2 bags have same Cherry Flowers place on around the body??

    I've email my seller ( ndkkg ) and she tolod me that she has shipped out my LV while I see it re-list under diferent seller... So, what I'll receive?? Fake item or nothing?

    Could help me what I've to do? File claim now? Thank you very much.
    Cherry Blossom Papillon by mildred_kts.JPG Cherry Blossom Papillon by ndkkg ( MINE ).JPG
  2. I provide more pics to compare
    Cherry Blossom Papillon by mildred_kts ( bow ).JPG Cherry Blossom Papillon by ndkkg ( MINE ) ( bow ).JPG Cherry Blossom Papillon by mildred_kts ( water stain under closure ).JPG Cherry Blossom Papillon by ndkkg ( water stain under closure ).JPG
  3. you've done your part by reporting it to eBay and now you just have to wait for their response.

    did the seller provide you with a tracking #? i mean, there's no way of proving she actually shipped out the item. i would wait a few days and if it doesn't arrive, email paypal and report the problem. also, if you paid by credit card, your credit card company will provide you a refund given you prove to them your item was re-listed. your cc company will ask for documents (paypal invoice, eBay auction pages, emails to and from the seller).

    i hope everything works out and you receive the bag.
  4. I would wait until I received my bag before I had a reaction to it...hope it works out for you.
  5. To me, these don't look exactly the same, but I'm not an LV person, so I don't know by how much they usually vary or how to spot a counterfeit. Maybe the angles are slightly different in the photos and it's the same bag or maybe the prints are slightly different. I'm not sure. I originally looked at the auctions because I was wondering if the photos had been stolen, but they seem to be different photos. Your seller has a lot of feedback for buying, but not as much for selling. She did sell a smaller piece with that pattern and the buyer left her positive feedback, so it may have been premature to report her. On the other hand, if the patterns are the same, maybe they are both counterfeit. Let us know what happens.
  6. It is possible for two bags to have the same flower placement.
  7. You have two disparate sellers, both with decent feedback and history, one in Indiana and one in California. The chances of this being the same bag are just about zero. I can't speak to authenticity however. Wait until you get it and examine it. I'm not an LV expert and can't authenticate them but they DO NOT look like the same bag and IMO the second bag has interior wear/marks I didn't see on the first.
  8. Actually maximize the picutures and look at picture 9 in the new listing and 10 in the old listing those minor flaws appear to be exactly the same. Also picture 6 in the new listing and picture 5 in the old listing appear to be the same with that littel grease mark.
    I think it could very well be the same bag and if I were you I would open a paypal dispute. I would like to give the seller the benefit of the doubt, however, you paid 2 weeks ago and should have already received your bag.
    Good luck and keep us posted!
  9. They dont look identical but the last 2 of the heat stamp with the grease marks look the same.
  10. ^^Exactly what Westiegirl said. I see the exact same similar flaws too. It has been two weeks and you still haven't received the bag? Did the seller ever provide you a tracking number? Ask her for it. If she can't provide that for you then definitely something is fishy and file a dispute.
  11. It could be that the person who has hers listed now stole the photos from the first seller, who you purchased from. In which case you should be fine ... at any rate, you'll have to wait for the bag to arrive.

    If it doesn't show up on Monday I'd file a complaint with paypal for non receipt just to get things moving. It's been over 10 days and you haven't received it, and the seller isn't providing you with tracking info, are they?
  12. Hello, thanks for all your idea, help & comments. Unfortunately, she said no tracking number as she shipped out by air mail, not EMS-Global Mail Express.

    I think they're the same bag but the sellers use different photographic method. My seller ( ndkkg ) use darker pics and mildred_kts use brighter pics. It's make the pics look different but I pay attention to compare all the body & each Cherry FLowers placement, it's totally same.

    She said that she shipped out on January, 3 so should I wait till 2 weekd before file claim to eBay? Before, I only email to eBay customer service by "my won item relist under dfferent seller"

    I don't think mildred_kts stole ndkkg's pics by mildred_kts state that the purse was consigned by her friend so I think ndkkg gave the purse to mildred_kts to re-list. May ndkkg refuse to sell on that price ( US710 + US$ 35 shipping )?
  13. Wow, they do look the same...very odd
  14. I would file a claim with paypal, not eBay. Is that what you did?

    The seller must prove that she sent the bag. If she cannot provide any type of tracking number, that is her problem and paypal will side with you if you do not receive it. I would file a claim within a few days if you don't receive it.

    Also, after you file a claim with paypal, file a chargeback with your credit card. Your credit card will give you your money back if you don't get resolution from paypal or eBay.
  15. Hi to everyone, I'm new to the site but I have a lot of experience with e-bay and LV bags and here is what I think you should do.
    But before let me tell that both items have pictures of the same exact bag :sad: , looks like the seller did not want to give up the bag for the $$$ you won and trying to sell it again with (perhaps her buddy's ID) and get more $$$.
    Also PAYPAL states that all items that sold for more then $ 250.00 must be insured and have not only tracking # but also signature confirmation. And that is SELLER'S RESPONSOBILITY only, not yours. So if she does not have it you need to file a dispute ASAP, don't wait another day. WHY? Because it gives seller more time to transfer money from her Paypal account and then you can't get anything back. But based on that Paypal requirement you must get full refund after 10 days waiting period. And then if your bag ever shows up you can always repay if you think you should. (bag is authentic ).

    Copy and paste this link in your browser : Contacting Your Seller

    click on a link request additional information, it takes you to a new window. Enter seller ID and item number , you will receive e-mail with seller's phone number, Call her ASAP and better late at night, so she would know you have all intension to get your $$$ back. Trust me, when seller gets that call she knows that you know how to find her behind her computer. Don't be nice .... be as rude as you can be:cursing: .... DO NOT tell her about Paypal policy :graucho: !

    You will get $$$$ back :yes: .