Help! I want to go to Cabazon!

  1. Alright ladies, I am going to LA for the first time on Friday and I really, really want to go to the outlet mall in Cabazon. The problem is I am going to be staying in Beverly Hills and we are not renting a car (we are only 20) =(. I figure there has to be some way to still get from BH to cabazon without a car....ladies help I must go there!!!!!
  2. Some hotels have shuttles I think?? Or you can call a taxi!
  3. Its not exactly around the corner and I know shuttles wouldnt go that far. You may have to plan it for another time maybe?

  4. some hotels might know of shuttles or buses that you can take to cabazon. when i stayed in NYC, we got a bus to woodbury commons (sister outlets to cabazon) for 39 dollars. do a little asking at your hotel, since it's a big shopping center you may be able to find transportation specifically there.

    good luck!
  5. a taxi would cost you a fortune. i'd stick to shuttles if they are available. it is a long drive.

    fyi, it is really hot out at cabazon right now...100 degrees plus

    have fun in LA
  6. Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I will see what I can find in reference to shuttles and buses when I get there!! Wish me luck!!!
  7.'s really far from L.A. but check for shuttles! :smile:)
  8. Way to far to take a Taxi. It is about a 2 hour drive approx 100 miles.

    I live about a mile from Beverly Hills so if you need any advise getting around locally I will try to help you out as much as possible.

    Please just EMAIL me.
  9. ^^^ Agree

    Cabazon is way too far from Beverly Hills for such a trip by taxi.

    There might be shuttles that can be arranged thru concierge..maybe?

    I think Cabazon sister outlet mall might be closer...

    But...if it is Cabazon you want..check out the link below...
  10. One thing about Cabazon it is VERY hit or miss. The last 2 times I have been there I came home empty handed.
  11. That is very sweet of you to offer your help! :smile: If I have a question I will definitely check with you!
  12. How long will you be in LA?

    What are your plans while you are here?
  13. I agree with the others, do not take a taxi out there, it'll cost a fortune! I hope you find a bus that can get you there.. I'm sure you will. There are always buses that are parked there waiting for their clients to finish up their shopping when I go there.

    P.S. Have fun in LA!! :yes:
  14. Too bad you won't be here over labor day weekend you could carpool with us.