Help!! I want to get 2.55 patent in purple.

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  1. Where I can get 2.55 cracked patent (wrinkled patent)?
    I want purple color. Did anyone see it? Please let me know where I can get the bag in US.
  2. Is this out yet?? I have been wondering about this one..... Gone already?
  3. bump
  4. I want one too!
  5. Is there a pic of this one?
  6. #6 Sep 23, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2010
    Okay so I have some intel on purple. Well, a lamb purple.

    Spring 11 has a lamb purple reissue. I have never really been head over heels for purple, but when I saw it, I died. Its beyond gorgeous. I ordered a 226, because I did not want a lamb 227. I still can't believe I just bought a flap for that price.............................. but I have given in to the fact no other brand makes me as happy as Chanel :rolleyes:

    I have not heard anything about patent.
  7. I don't think the wrinkled patent purple is out yet. I'm the first on the waitlist and patiently waiting.

    I have seen both 2011 Spring lamb purple and 2010 Fall wrinkle patent purple 2.55 but my vote is to 2010 patent. IMO, 2011 lamb purple is too light for my liking... On the other hand, I LOVE 2010 wrinkle patent purple 2.55, even though I'm not a patent person!!! It was hard to resist patent purple classic but I'm patiently waiting for patent purple 2.55 to come out!
  8. Isn't it TDF? I'm scared of lamb though. Trying to get over it for this one.
  9. I rarely use my lamb bags because I am scared......... but I took one look at the purple and said SOLD! I would have gotten a 227 if it wasn't lamb....... but seriously this shade of purple for me is PERFECTION! expected arrival date jan1 - MAY 31 :faint: I have a long wait!
  10. I know, the color is wow. That long to wait? I'm hoping to see it IRL when the trunk show comes around...
  11. :heart::heart::heart: Purple lamb reissue! OMG... I need to get one!!!!! Do anyone have a picture?
  12. omg I'm going to die, anyone have s pic??? a purple Chanel would really hit the spot for me lol
  13. Ohh. Where are you on the list? What stores are getting it? Also do you have a picture you can share of the patent?
  14. Where are the pics of these beautiful bags?? I want to see :smile:
  15. i want to see pic of 2011 too! anybody?