HELP!!! I want this bag carried by Rachel Bilson!

  1. Hi all! I'm looking for this bag that Rachel Bilson is carrying. I love the tassel, size, and detailing of it. It looks kind of vintagy, which it might be, but I thought all of you knowledgable ladies might know what brand it is if there is one! Any help is appreciated! Thanks everyone! I've posted some pics below:
    ImageShack - Hosting :: 7125351855c6b898pv.jpg
  2. Oh my, that's tough. I'm no expert, but could it be something by Zac Posen?
  3. Don't know, but cute bag.
  4. Hmm...some sort of frame bag. Not sure who makes that, but I LOVE her dress!
  5. Sorry, I have no idea but it is really nice.
  6. I like the shape as well, but without the tassle, & a bit smaller.
  7. I love it!! Rachel Bilson really has a great style about her.