Help!! I want a Balenciaga!

  1. Hey all,

    I really wanna buy a Balenciaga but I seriously no NOTHING about them...I just love how they look like in general...can you help me out? can you all post pics of the bags you recommend me to get? I want a brown meduim size one...what do ya'll think?? :confused1: :confused1:
  2. I think a brown City (aka medium) would be a great choice for a first Bbag. Bal has lots of great browns. Here's a pic. of my cafe (pre-spring 07) city.
    cafecity1front.JPG cafecity2back.JPG
  3. Wow that's gorgeous citychris...but what's the difference between city and giant city? Are they the same size but one with gold rivets or what exactly?
  4. I agree that a Cafe city or a Truffe City would be a good place to start. The Cafe is a very dark brown (like sepia ink with black undertones) and the Truffe that I saw is a medium Brown, not as light as the name makes it sound.

    If you're someplace near a store that sells current Balenciaga, you should at least be able to see both colors in something, and you can still find a City in either color somewhere in America.
  5. OMG, citychris that is one seriously stunning bag.:heart: I liked the color when I first saw the swatches for ss07 bags, then I got the 05 I have been telling myself I don't need 2 similar brown. But seeing your gorgeous cafe, I am dying to get one.;)
  6. I think you should get cafe city.:yes: 07 leather is so much nicer than 06 leather. And cafe is a great shade of brown. Good luck with your decision and let us know.
  7. I like the 07' truffle :yes:
  8. That Cafe is gorgeous!!!
    That's what you should get CoolnCute!!
  9. Gorgeous Cafe City, CityChris:yes:

    I love Cafe, such a great rich colour!
  10. Hello, Could someone help me? I am desperatly looking for balenciaga first in teal.
  11. Thanks yoooou guys for the pics and all! Now I'm torn between truffe and Cafe...hmmmm at least I know I want a city! lol... I'll drop by the store and see what I end up with :p I'll tell ya'll as soon as I get one..;)
  12. I think a city in truffle or cafe would be fab for a first balenciaga. Good luck! I really hope you purchase one, the quality is fantastic and you will just want more and more!
  13. they all look good
  14. is the classique a lot smaller than the city