HELP! I used baby wipes to clean the interior of my LV speedy epi

  1. I bought a used epi speedy (yellow) and i love it to bits. Now because im such a freak, i cleaned the interior with baby wipes and so now it left dark streaks inside. How can i remove them? Please help :sad:
  2. Sorry if i posted this here by mistake. I cant find the delete Button anymore but will repost in the lv forum. Thanks
  3. Just kidding.

    If the interior is canvas I would: (I would do this with suede too, not recommending it, I would ignore the rinse )

    You will need a little scrub brush (like from a pedicure kit)

    2 drops of sunlight to hot (touchable) water, to about 25 to 30 oz.

    Start from top to bottom dipping the brush and combing in the interior,
    do this to the whole interior.

    Absorb all the water with a fresh clean towel. Get the water out every which way you can.

    Do this process again with just hot water.

    Stuff the bag with a dry towel to dry with its shape.

    You do not need to scrub just comb in the soapy water up and down 1 or 2 times.

    I hope this helps:smile:

  4. I would not start wetting it. You'll ruin the bag. Let it dry out for a few days, maybe stuff a towel in there to pull out moisture. Baby wipes won't sanitize fabric anyhow, so don't bother trying to wipe a bag with a baby wipe.
  5. I would just let it dry out for a few days. Im sure it will lighten up, if not go away. Try not to let some inside spots keep you from enjoying the bag...when my monogram speedy was still new, some whitening tooth paste leaked inside my bag and bleached a section of the lining. It bothered me for a little bit but now I dont notice it at all!