Help! I Think My Necklace Is Ruined

  1. A year ago I purchased a sterling silver Tiffany necklace with a heart pendant. I only wore it one time, so it's been in it's dust bag for about a year now. I took it out yesterday, so that I can wear it and it's all dull and has turned a reddish brown, so I'm assuming it's tarnished. Is there anything I can do to repair it's luster or is it just ruined? :crybaby:
  2. Your necklace is perfectly fine, silver just tarnishes! All you need to do is get some silver cleaner or take it to Tiffany's for cleaning and polishing. It will look as good as new as soon as its cleaned and buffed.
  3. Hey dear,don't you worry! I'm sure it's not ruined at all! It happens every time with my Gucci silver jewelry just need to purchase a silver cleaning cloth at your supermarket and you'll see your necklace will be shining as when purchased :flowers:

  4. What a relief. The only other silver jewlery I have is a pair of earrings from Tiffanys and those are still good as new, so you could imagine my horror when I saw my necklace all dull and brown. :sweatdrop:
  5. I'm going to look for one of these when I go to the store.
  6. I've heard about this happening with Tiffany pieces. Firstly I would take it to the store - they should offer to clean it for free - better to let them try cleaning first rather than you trying and making it worse and then taking to Tiffany, they might not help then.

    Once Tiffany have had a go with the necklace, then ask them what they recommend to clean - don't necessarily buy anything in store, but find out what works and then have a look at the supermarket where things should be a bit less expensive :tup:
  7. I have some Elsa Peretti open heart pieces in silver and they came with a care card and cleaning cloth. Or maybe bf bought the cloth? I dunno...

    I would just take it back to Tiffanys and ask them to polish it :shrugs: ...
  8. This is such a typical problem with silver,when its not worn and getting gently rubbed by clothing,you etc it does have more chance to build up,and it can almost look like rust!!
    I have tons of bits of silver jewellery,and I don't wear them anymore,so they do get very tarnished.I have used silver dip in the past on them,as it gets in all the nooks and crannies more effectively than a cloth. I have started putting them in little grip seal bags once they are fully dry,and they don't tarnish hardly at all now.Its the atmosphere that causes it so its fairly unavoidable!
    I do use a silver cloth when I have dipped them as it brings up that lovely new gloss,but as the cloths are ever so slightly abrasive,give your jewellry a rinse under a warm tap and you won't get any residue when you wear it next.
    Your earrings are more than likely rhodium coated so thats why they will seem to have escaped tarnishing,also if you wear them pretty regularly it does'nt have chance to build up.
    Following the advice of one of the other posts,take them back and get them to explain or show you what to do,they really should have told you when you bought them so this situation would'nt have cropped up for you!!!xxxxxxxx
  9. The SA at tiffany gave me this simple tip: After use of any silver piece, just wipe gently with a soft cloth, wrap it with tissue and store in a ziploc bag! That helps to avoid oxidation. And it works!!! :tup: You can also use one of those silver liquid cleaners every 6 months or so to clean nook and crannies, as mentioned by Chaz.
  10. Thanks again guys, and to Chaz, yes it looked like rust. :wtf: I did notice that the rusting/tarnishing was moreso the locket as opposed to the actual necklace. I will be near Tiff & Co this coming weekend, so I will take it back to them for a spruce up.

    Will the cleaning be free or will they charge a small fee?
  11. No it should be free,when I was working in the trade I would absolutely do it for free,even if it was'nt purchased at our shop.If they do ask for a fee,tell them no,it was up to them to educate you at point of sale,or if you want say yes 'I'll pay but throw in some cleaning solution and a lesson too' But Tiffanys are a good and respectable company so if they mentioned payment I would be suprised!! The tarnishing wil look more obvious on the locket as its a bigger surface,and plus if you have worn it against your skin it will be getting your skins own chemicals on it too,which will cause tarnishing.Always give it a quick wipe when you have worn it before you put it away and it should significantly reduce the skin chemical tarnishing from you.... Does that help you??!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. I think Tiffany did start charging for cleaning silver pieces, so it is probably around $10-15.
  13. ^ Last time I asked when I got my Tiffany's about 2 years ago, they said they charge $30 for necklaces. :wtf:

    I'm going to ask when I go again for Christmas...!
  14. ^^ That's so odd - Tiffanys in Toronto still does it for free !