help i think im obsessed with bags that's why i need your opinion ladies.


Jan 19, 2010
Hi guys i need your opinion for what bag i should get for my 20th birthday.
i'm under the dilemma between Balenciaga work (any dark blue colours) in giant silver hardware or Chanel grand shopping tote in silver too or Fendi Peek-a-boo in grey-ish colour. I'm thinking of getting a bag that I can use to school, hang out etc, possibly something classic and my body is petite (about 155cm, which is about 5"01 i think).

I really don't know which bag I should get and been have been changing my mind everyday for a week now (ok i think i'm obessesed with bags).

fyi, i have 3balenciaga part-times, 1 city and 1 envelope clutch and 1 chanel jumbo caviar bag but have no fendi at all.


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Apr 26, 2007
I would also recommend a GST for everyday, school and hanging out. Its a open top tote so it will be easier for you to get into and its quite large so you can fit your books. Another option is the cerf tote, which looks a bit more sophisticated because of the smaller CC logo. It fits standard sized documents and its very classy so you would be able to use it for professional settings such as work.


Jan 15, 2009
Vancouver, Canada!
I'm going to admit I am biased and I vote for the Chanel GST! But the thing with the shopping totes are they do not have a zipper and its open top basically.

Not a huge fan of Fendi but the peek a boo looks pretty awesome and versatile yet professional but not TOO professional. The above post about the Cerf Tote - love the Cert Tote but if you're a 20 year old student it looks too office-y for school and hanging out, unless that is your style.

Considering you all ready have a Balenciaga collection going I definitely say the GST!

Good luck!


Jun 20, 2006
I am a student currently as well and would get the Balenciaga for versatility


Apr 28, 2009
melbourne, australia
okay we are in CC section :P
however I like Balen work as much as CC.

For your case, I'd choose Balen work Blue Roi (easy for u to find, not as difficult as those marine or blueberry color) and try RG hardware... I saw it in real life and feel that it's quite nice combination. However, hope u can deal with the weight too....Personally I do use Work with RH as i think it has that cool raw look ....

I don't choose GST (though I like it too) as u r going to use it for heavy duty like everyday use and it will soon develop crease and sag....can u deal with that? if you are fine with that then it's good too. However, many people have issue with the strap that don't quite stay on the shoulder.....

ps: i'm about 160 cm and 47.5 kg...could be similar body frame i guess (i only know kg not lb :P )

Good luck w/ ur choice and happy birthday in advance :biggrin:
Nov 16, 2009
Wow~ to be 20 again! I have a balenciaga city and my mom has a GST in caviar. I love CHANEL but I would not take a GST to school even though it's such a great bag. I take my balenciaga to school and everywhere else. It's so versatile and LIGHT! The GST is way too heavy and a little high maintenance. Think about trying to get to a seat in lecture. I don't think people would like it if they got hit in the head with a 10lb weight (once you've got your stuff in there)! You do have a lot of Balenciagas already though... I wouldn't get the peek-a-boo. I was in love with the bag for a long time... but I am not now. I saw it in person and realized it's not that amazing. Plus, my bf hates it. If money wasn't a factor... I would get a Birin!!! LOL (I am aware that it's just as heavy as a GST, but for a birkin, it wouldn't matter, and I wouldn't care if I hit someone with it accidentally and knocked them unconcious!)
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