Help! I think I'm getting my Spy bag colors confused....?

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  1. On this site Fendi handbags it says the lighter of the two (on that page) is brown and the darker one is Dark Brown? Is that right? I thought the one pictured (that's lighter) was Cognac ? :confused1:

    Also, is this a good price on a Spy bag (I'd be saving the tax), or should I keep looking?

    TIA...sorry for all the Spy questions, I just can't wait to get one! :nuts:
  2. The two that appear on that page are Honey (light brown) and Chocolate (dark brown). The price is a tad less than you'd pay at NM or Saks right now. Not a great bargain, but not overpriced for a new one at full retail.

  3. Ok, so what does Cognac look like? I'm confused (as you can tell)! :confused1: LOL I know it's not a HUGE savings, but with tax and everything I thought it might be substantial enough to justify! ;) So do you think I should keep looking? I don't need a "bargain", just want to find a "good" deal and make sure I get an AUTHENTIC bag! :graucho:

    Thanks again for all your help, you must know alot about Fendi's!! :smile:
  4. [​IMG]This is the choco.

    [​IMG]this is the honey

    [​IMG]this is the cognac

    All three are on styledrops. If you're not looking for a deep bargain, then these prices are decent. Just note that they ship from Italy, and you may or may not be hit with customs fees. She sent me a balenciaga bag via DHL and I was not charged customs, but that's a hit and miss. If you are hit with customs, it still won't come to more than you'd pay here with sales tax, but not less either.

    Good luck!
  5. Ok, on the website it says the middle one (honey) is brown. This is making more sense now! :Push: I keep looking on Ebay, but all the ones I think are a "could be real" are fakes! :sad: I have a couple more ebay auctions to post in the "authenticate me" section. If those are fake too I might just go for this one. What color do you think is most versatile?

    Thank you so much AGAIN for all your help! :P
  6. Cognac:biggrin: