Help I think I'm addicted to speedys.

  1. I already have 6 speedys, 2 White MC Speedys, 1 mono, Damier Azur, Damier, and Cerise speedy. They are all in the 30, except the cerise. And now I'm thinking of getting the mono speedy in the 35. Does anyone else have some many speedys in the same size and does it sound stupid to buy another mono speedy in the 35? I have tried to attach my pictures of my speedys, but my file is too big. You can see 4 of my speedys if you click on my personal information.
  2. in my opinion .. i don't think u could EVER have too many speedies! haha!

    i love them!

    .. so if u want a 35 mono. go for it! :]
  3. Not stupid, at all. That is your signature..... you identify with your speedies. There are worse addictions in life, ie. alcohol, drugs, food..... I think it is adorable that you love this iconic bag so much.
  4. I agree with both comments above! the speedy is a wonderful and practical bag. I can imagine you would want one in every color and style! ;)
  5. speedy is the best bag of all time! i have 4...damier 25, mono 25, mini lin ebene, and cerises
  6. I only have one speedy (monogram 25) but want tons and tons more of them, they are the best hands down and I have tried a lot of other styles and speedy ALWAYS wins with me. GO FOR IT!!!
  7. why dont' you get another style like mini lin or the new cruise collection speedy. I think if you get two mono speedy in two different size (not huge difference too), its a waste....

    Just my opinion. If you really do think you need it, go for it :smile:
  8. I agree with everyone that the speedy is the BEST ever! Go ahead and get more if you want:heart: Ive only been collecting LV for 10 months and I already have 2!
  9. I totally LOVE my speedy!!!! I can see why you adore them.
  10. I only have one speedy but it's my favorite and I would not hesitate to get another one soon. It's functional and stylish and just all around the perfect bag. If you like something so much, why not get lots of them? They will never go out of style either.
  11. There's just something about a speedy. It's a grab and go bag, so easy and functional to use!! I want more, definitely. It's my favorite shape LV. :smile:
  12. I have a mono 25, denim speedy, mini lin, and have a damier on its way .. you cant have too many.

    I would love to add a pink denim and azur :biggrin: and if I had the chance i'd add the .....Cerise *yum* and Mirage*bordeaux*

    I think i'm addicted to speedies... hehehehe
  13. I'm curious why do you have 2 MC speedies?
  14. I love the's the one bag I'll never get tired of!!
  15. I love speedies. My current wishlist is a Azur 30, Mini Lin in Dune, Damier 30, and black epi 25.