Help! I think I stained my Speedy Handle


Feb 5, 2008
Ok, I read through all the Cleaning FAQs that said that Apple Cleaner is fine to clean. So I got some, and the handles of my Monogram Speedy 30 were looking a bit dirty, so I put a bit on a clean white cloth and tried to clean it, after just a bit of cleaning I noticed that it left a spot, I should have tried on a more discrete part I know, but its done now.

My question is will it dry and the spot where the cleaner was applied vanish or not, I am so pissed, my speedy is fairly new, I purchased it this Feb and have used it only a couple of times, its is going just slightly patina.

Should I use the cleaner on the both the handles so the color evens out.




Mar 23, 2007
Buffalo, New York
I actually don't think Apple Gaurd is supposed to be used as a "cleaner". It is a protectant- water, stain, etc. And is supposed to be sprayed in sweeping even motions- I know that's what mine said to do.

So since you already had a stain on there you probably should have just tried to remove it with baby wipes, a damp magic eraser, etc.

I am not sure what you should do now. The Apple Gaurd probably made the stain set in more...
Apr 23, 2007
Apple CLEANER is harsh and should NOT be used on LV's vachetta leather, only Apple CONDITIONER and Apple guarde protective spray. There are 2 bottled Apple products, you want the conditioner only.