Help! I think I made a mistake!

  1. Okay, so I purchased my 1st Chanel bag yesterday...woohoo..right?? Well Neiman's near me didn't have the bag in stock so they had to send it from another store..this gave me time to come home and really think..and now I don't love the bag! I looked everywhere for pictures of the bag, there were none..which leads me to believe that it's not a popular style. So, I called another NM and the SA told me that the bag is fall "06"-not a big deal..but that Chanel only did one cutting of the bag because it seemed that the bottom was too wide. Let me describe the bucket style lambskin, quilting around the bottom and C's in the middle. Has anyone seen the bag, and if so what are your opinions on it. I could always return the bag, but the NM near me doesn't have a large selection. I'm thinking that even though I would have to drive a distance, I should just return the bag and go to the Chanel boutique, where they probably have more of a selection. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!! By the way I'm a new poster..and happy to have found a site for purse addicts..I mean lovers, like myself!!!
  2. Return it! And go to the boutique for your first FABULOUS purchase experience!
  3. From your description I'm having a hard time figuring out which bag you are talking about.

    You shouldn't worry if a bag is popular or not, it's really about whether or not YOU love it. That's all that is important. If you return it without seeing it in person, you may find out later that it was actually a hard to get bag that everyone is coveting.:shrugs:
  4. I'm betting you have the caviar and pony tote. Is the leather distressed? Lambskin is a very smooth delicate leather so I'm doubting your bag is lamb.

    I love the caviar and pony tote even though it wasn't a popular style, it's definitely MY style!
  5. I think I know which bag it was . . . very cool bag but kind of a wide/boxy bottom.
    I'd wait and get it and see if you love it. . . Chanel is not all bout "this season" or being trendy. I wouldn't worry at all about it being a "popular" bag personally.
    If you don't love it, NM will happily allow you to return it.
  6. could you take piccies of it? i'm trying hard to picture which bag it is but i don't think i can't unfortunately.
  7. welcome baglvr2!:flowers:
    since you're having doubts return it!you're never going to completely love it!see if you can order one you like from their lookbooks or wait until they bring in more stock!:yes:

    You should just wait until you get it. Try it on and see if you like it or not. You can always return it.
  9. wait till you get it and out your stuff in it and that will make the world of difference....
    All chanels are FABO... bags I don't like look great on other people,
    trendy ones and or classic ones no matter how old
  10. the wide bottom makes me think of this style, but it's not lambskin and it doesn't have quilting:

  11. I'd say at least get it delivered and see it in never know, you might fall in love with the bag all over again! Plus, even if you don't have a NM near you, you could always ship it back to the store that is shipping it to you.
  12. I agree.
  13. Well, if u don't like the bag, the go for another bag that u really want. Whether the bag is popular or not, it's not impt but in the end of the day, u must really like it.

  14. I agree. It's about what YOU like, not what anyone else does. I mean, you're paying retail for a bag that you should love, not anyone else. If it comes, and you don't love it, return it, and get something else! :yes:
  15. Thanks sooo much to everyone for replying!! I agree, I'm going to just cool my heels..wait until I get it, try it on a few times and go from there. Unfortunately, kicksarefortwids, it's not the bag pictured. I wish it was, I like that bag! As soon as it comes, I will be sure to post a pic for all to see!! Thanks, again!