HELP!! I think I just got a fake on ebay... what to do next?

  1. I just purchased a Loewe Nappa Aire bag on eBay. The seller claimed that it is authentic, just used so I thought that justified the lower price. I tried looking up info on the bag online but since there is no Loewe store in the LA (or in US), I have not seen the bag IRL. I paid via Paypal through my bank account (not smart move, I know, after reading posts here). Got my bag yesterday and is getting a bit anxious. Since I have not seen the real bag, I can't be 100 % that it is fake. But there's just too many little clues. E.g. the stitchings are not even/parallel; the 3 ring stiching on the bottom is not even (spacing not even); the handle finishing looks very rough with wax like stuff). I will post pictures later. This is suppose to retail over $1000 and made to order. I just don't think the workmanship stand up to a designer bag. My gut instinct is that it is a fake. But how do I prove it? how do I get my money back. I paid $500 for it, a bag that I thought is used but authentic. Please help.
  2. First of all you should contact the seller and see if he/she will agree to the return. Be firm in that you know the bag is not authentic. I would give them a day to respond if nothing then go to your paypal account click on the transaction and open a dispute.
    You can also call your seller, find there contact info through the link

    FYI I once purchased a fake using my bank account and I contacted my bank (BoA) and I had to fill out a whole bunch of paperwork, but I did get my money back.

    Don't panic just yet (easy for me to say) & good luck!
  3. Ditto to Westiegirl's excellent advice, also do a search as you will find masses of useful information and suggestions in this sub-forum. The bag is pretty new and I have only seen in it magazines, but maybe revisit those photos (as I recall it was headline news for the Loewe Spring/Summer 07 collection) and if you can, go to a shop to see the bag IRL with a view to assessing exactly why you are concerned about authenticity. The next step is to contact the seller and express your worries with detailed examples of difference to explain why you are doubting authenticity. If that is not well-received, then a Paypal SNAD claim is possible no matter whether you used your account or your credit card. But that is a second stage, so maybe try the first step and let us know how things go? Lots of luck. . . many of us have been there and we all survived to tell the tale, hang in there!
  4. Thanks for your help. I have just written to the seller listing my reasons for doubting the authenticity of the bag. I give him/her 3 days to respond. If I don't hear from them, what do I do next? Do I file directly with paypal? what about eBay? how much of my $500 can i get back from paypal? or do i have to go to my bank to get the money back? I am worried about how to prove my case to paypal and eBay.
  5. Westie gir, I also have BofA. How do I approach BofA regarding this? Does filing dispute with BofA mean that paypal will have give money back to BofA and would that get me banned from paypal? Sorry, I am just a bit clueless.. didn't know that buying and selling on ebay can be so risky.. after reading posts on this board, I am getting a bit scared to visit ebay..
  6. Hello,
    See what the seller says and if you don't get anywhere with them then file your paypal claim. Personally I wouldn't wait 3 days for a response, you can always open a dispute now and escalate to a claim if you don't hear anything within 3 days. Basically when you open a dispute Paypal will freeze any monies your seller has in his/her account. Do not open a claim with Paypal and your bank simultaneously or Paypal will automatically close your dispute permanently.
    So basically if you don't get anywhere with Paypal then call BoA. I called the number on the back of my bank card and reported the transaction after not getting anywhere with Paypal, I also got nervous as my seller became 'no longer registered'. Anyhow luckily I spoke to someone who was very helpful and within a few days they sent me a whole bunch of paperwork to fill out & an affidavit to sign. I faxed everything back and I was reimbursed within a few weeks. I guess they investigated it & decided to reimburse me.
    If ever I have a problem with a seller I try to be patient, but if I'd received a fake and $500 was at risk I'd be acting fast.
  7. Update:
    I just heard back from the seller and he said that he will contact the original owner from whom he bought the bag from and see if she kept store receipts. He also said that if it turns out the bag is a fake then he will definitely refund me the money. I am gald that he replied so quick and sounds so nice, just crossing my finger that he can provide something that can convince me that I was just being too paranoid.
    Thanks for all your help.
  8. I'm glad he got back to you and hope he keeps to his word.
    I don't want to tell you that your bag is a fake as I'm not in any position to do that. However, when you are dealing with high end designer anything not just bags you expect the quality of the workmanship to be extremely high if not flawless. So trust your gut.
    Take some close ups of the bag and maybe a Loewe expert can chime in.
    Also here is another Nappa Aire listed on ebay for comparison:
  9. Good news that he responded positively and quickly - fingers crossed for the result you want. Do let us know.
  10. That is definitely frustrating. Loewe's are difficult to authenticate as shops are few and far between. Here is a link to some fake Aire's for comparison. If yours was the red Nappa Aire that sold on 4/28, I suspect it might have been a replica. They are getting harder and harder to spot.

    I have a Loewe bag and the leather melts in your hands it's so soft. It doesn't retain its shape. A usual giveaway of fake luxury goods is that the leather is stiff and stands upright. Really good leather is shapeless (unless it is a frame bag).

    Check the Loewe website and look carefully at the photos of the Aire bag and see if there is any other authenticating info on the site. You could also email Loewe, as they would likely be interested to learn of replicas on the market.

    Good luck and let us know what you find out. Post pics if you can. The hardware and quality of leather are usually giveaways.
  11. Further comparison of the Nappa.aire on Loewe's website to the red one on ebay listed 4/28:

    The ebay bag's stitching near the opening of the bag (4 rows) appears to be too wide. It should be about 1/4 of an inch wide (tightly spaced). The curl at the top of each L in the embossed trademark should gradually become narrower, the one on ebay stays fat to the tip. also, the trademark looks to have a noticeable square outline, whereas the one on the Loewe website shows no outline.

    The stitching of the wrapped leather at the top of the carry on ebay doesn't match any of the carries on the Loewe website.

    I think you should send photos to Loewe's customer service. I'm 99% sure that red ebay bag is a fake.
  12. Thank you, fashion patrol. You are right, I was the winner of that auction. And you are also right that it is definitely a fake. A friend of mine showed me a magazine who did an article on nappa aire with lots of good pictures. What finally convinced me was the zipper pull oon the insider zipper pocket. It is definitely a fake. However, i did something quite stupid. After he sent me an e-mail about checking with owner for receipt and willing to take back bag if fake, he sent me another e-mail saying that he always check his goods for authenticity before selling, and that he has a man who does that for him and he is quite good. He also said that he received many e-mail inquiring about the bag after auction ended expressing interest. I felt that he was very sincere and decided to trust him and told him that I am going to take his word and keep the bag. I even left him a positive feedback. That was sooooooo stupid of me. After seeing my friend's picture and your posts, I e-mailed him wanting my money back. I gave him specific details about the bag being fake, even e-mail him a picture of the authentic zipper pull. That was 6 horus ago, still no response. Last time I e-mailed him regarding the return, he e-mail me back right away.

    Do you think he was just playing me? Or was it his honest mistake? Can I retract the postiive feedback from ebay and how? How long should I give him before sending him another e-mail and go to ebay/paypal?
    I am just so sad now!!!!:sad:
  13. I doubt that he was playing you, probably didn't really know loewe very well. You can't retract the positive feedback. But, you can still open a dispute with Paypal (and probably should), even if you left positive feedback. It's pretty easy to do and will cause a chargeback.

    Meaning, the seller's account will be debited the $500. they can fight it, but it takes quite a long time for a seller to prove that it wasn't a fake. Which, we know, he will not be able to do.

    What I would do is email him again and say that you found a site that sells that replica bag for about $185. You're willing to keep the bag as a replica if he will refund you $315 (or you could go half). If he refuses, file a charge back.

    If the leather feels so soft it's melting in your hands, it's a pretty good replica anyway. not that I'm condoning replicas, but hey, Will be hard to get a real Aire for less than $1000.

    Funny that someone called BagSnobs got caught selling a fake. :rolleyes:
  14. When should I file a dispute with paypal? Should I e-mail him and give him another 24 hours or just go ahead with filing? I still have not heard from him yet. :sad:

    thank for your help.
  15. Ahhhhhh!!!!
    I just checked my paypal. The seller left me a postiive feedback just 4 hours ago.. this means he must have gotten my request for refund message when he logged on to ebay to leave the feedback... but still no e-mail from him to address the return/refund. I am getting a bit stressed... should i go ahead starting a dispute with paypal now? i am not sure i can get much sleep know that i might not get my money back...