HELP!!! I think I have lost my mind!

  1. ok so I just got a new BV last week (after returning a coach bag & wallet + $200). Well now I'm supposed to go shopping this weekend w/my mom down to Rodeo and I am having serious issues................I WANT A SPEEDY!!

    I keep seeing people around this week carrying speedies; mono, azur and damier. THEY ARE HAUNTING ME!!

    Funny thing is, is that I'm so not a hand held bag type of person but the speedy is so cute and classic.

    I seriously can't afford to buy another bag. I prob shouldn't have even bought the first one!!

  2. If "you seriously can't afford to buy another bag" right now, then hold off for a little while. Great thing about the Speedy's are that they'll be around for a little while. And since they've already increased the prices (yet again!), that there's should really be no hurry.
    However, with Valentine's coming up ... maybe your hubby can get it for you:graucho:
  3. Speedy is a great bag... you'll love it.. GO FOR IT !
  4. Just start saving. That way you will feel really good about it when you finally get it. It will give you some time to decide what type and size speedy you want as well.

    You'll get used to the hand-held thing pretty quick. Before my speedy I had never had a hand-held bag before. Now my hands feel empty without one.
  5. If you can't afford it then DO NOT GET IT!! It will always be around for you to get! In the mean time just enjoy seeing other people with it :smile: I know its hard but you don't want to go broke lol!!
  6. uh this isn't helping..........I said talk me out of it!! :cursing::nuts::yes:

  7. ^^ LOL we are enablers.
  8. you should wait. it's only a speedy that's haunting you right now, a lot better than being haunted by a large credit card debt!
  9. Start saving now and it will be yours in no time.
    Leave your credit cards at home when you go shopping. Otherwise it is too easy to buy it when you see it.
  10. Save for it. It isn't going anywhere, you already missed the price increase. Enjoy your BV and get the speedy when the you feel you can afford another bag.
  11. Speedies are a staple of the LV diet, there will be one waiting for you when you save up for it. Enjoy your new BV it is such a great bag!
  12. Take your BV shopping and show her off.... wait and save for the speedy... like others said.. it will ALWAYS be there... no rush... Have fun shopping!
  13. I take it you want to keep the BV, right? Otherwise, you could exchange the BV for a Speedy and use the leftover money for a cles or something to go with...
  14. Can't you exchage BV for Speedy?
  15. I say do it! The prices will just continue to go up. Just do it as soon as you have the funds! I was always putting off getting a bag because I figure it will always be there but then with the price increases, it didn't seem worth it. Look at the MC speedy! The price difference is insane.