help! I think I burned my face with Benzoyl Peroxide :(

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  1. natalie1885 - Glad to hear everything worked out for you!
    socaltrojan - Terrific advice!
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    Seggrern, I am so sorry that you are going through a difficult time right now. I know from meeting many patients that your skin can affect how you feel about yourself, so I understand what you are going through.

    Biafine works really well if used immediately after the burn occurs. Sometimes when it is started can determine if your cells are able to completely repair the dead tissue and everyone doesn't respond 100%. I am glad to hear that it did help fade the marks to a certain extent. How long after your burns did you start the emulsion?

    If Finacea is burning your skin and leaving it irritated I would recommend, discontinuing it immediately. In a small percentage of patients with really sensitive skin, one of the side effects is burning and stinging. It can cause significant irritation and even itching. So it sounds like to me that you fit into this category.

    Please do not give up hope and contact your dermatologist immediately. If you feel the one that you have been going to has not been working well for you, please make an appointment to see another dermatologist. There are other prescription treatments out there that can help with hyperpigmentation, like Retin A which is stronger, but since your skin is very sensitive, your dermatologist will be able to determine what may work best for you.

    If depression is also an issue for you, please talk to your dermatologist about that as well. Communicate with him or her and let them know how this is affecting you. He or she will be able to help you feel better. There are even psychodermatologists that are specially trained to treat the emotional issues you are going through in addition to the skin care issues. I see in your post that you are located in Southern California and I think that you should be able to find a pyschodermatologist in your area. If you cannot find one, please talk to your regular dermatologist and he or she will be able to refer you to someone to help you get through this. Above all else, know that your doctors are there to help you, so don't feel like you have to go through this alone.

    Know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that even though you are not feeling like your best self right now, you will get there eventually! It may take a bit of time and some tweaking of medications, since everyone's skin is different, but your dermatologist will be able to recommend a variety of options for you. Just because one option like Finacea did not work, does not mean that there isn't something out there that will work for you. Hang in there!

    I really hope that helps. Feel free to PM if you need support or someone to just listen and share your thoughts with. :yes:

    ETA: Sorry, I just realized my post turned out really long! :smile:
  3. Socaltrojan, I really appreciate for taking the time to respond to my message.
    I'm sorry I'm not able to write pm messages on this forum for some reason but I'd indeed like to be able to reach you via email to have your opinion from time to time.
    Right now I am really skeptical about anything that does not seem natural to me. Because my skin is obviously so sensitive. Doctor talked to me about using Retina but prescribed me Finacae since she thought this was less harsh than Retina. I communicated that I was feeling depressed because of my situation to the doctors I've seen, but I don't think they care and somehow I find myself out the door in 5 minutes and I felt mistreated on each visit :sad:. I have seen some posts about Manuka Honey on for treating burns and clearing up redness and scars. I really wanna give it a shot cause it's natural and has no side-effects. Do you know someone who has had any experience with Manuka Honey? I have also seen some posts about not washing your face for about a week so that the skin can take heal itself more quickly - what is your take on an approach like this? Do you think this kind of thing can heal on it's own with time? I'm so sorry I realize that I'm asking too many questions but I've sunk into a terrible depression because of this within a month and I'm grateful to you for responding to my post.
  4. :hugs: seggrern, i know what you mean about feeling like the dr's don't listen & being mistreated. i felt that way for a very long time-it took me a few yrs to finally find a good dr. i haven't been on tPF lately, and just noticed you & socaltrojan's post-otherwise i would have replied much sooner. i totally empathize with your situation and please know that everything will work out and will be ok. don't give up hope & keep looking for a dermatologist who empathizes with you & who you feel good talking to/seeing. let them know exactly what you've taken (ointment/prescription) so far, and also, have you spoken to your regular general practitioner about this depression stemming from the burn on your face? that will help as well. please feel free to PM me anytime, when your membership on tPF allows you to. i would be glad to help any way i can. don't lose hope, there is SOMETHING out there that will help you & if anything, time will certainly help fade. time, patience, makeup, lots of water-and don't apply anything other chemical on your face for a long while. you'll see that everything will improve. in the meantime, if there's anything i come across, i will update. please don't give up hope, things will turn up roses for you soon, just watch. :hugs:
  5. Natalie, thank you so much for your support. Knowing that there's people out there who care about me means a lot to me. I will try to find better doctors and keep you posted about what's going on. Btw, is tpf supposed to approve my account to be able send PMs ?
  6. Seggrern, you'll be able to send PMs once you have a certain # of posts, I believe it's 5.
    I agree with the others, discontinue using any product that's irritating your skin or making the burns/marks worse. Personally, I'd switch to a very gentle cleanser/toner/moisturizer combo (you'll find lots of recommendations on this forum if you look around) and give your skin some time to calm down. It might take a couple weeks. I would also lay off the makeup if you're wearing any face makeup (some might disagree with me on this, though), and use only gentle, natural treatments on your blemishes. Some people have had success with plain old honey (no special kind, just from the grocery store), personally I like tea tree oil for zits. For the burns, keep them moisturized with a healing product (someone recommended Neosporin, it always works for me) and otherwise, leave your skin alone so it can have some time to calm down and heal. Then, either go back to your derm or try a new one and explain the sensitivity problems you had and the products you used and see what they say.
  7. I talked to my derm today again. I expressed to her that my skin is very sensitive and asked her a lot of questions. She believes that my face will heal itself with time, even tough this means a couple of months. That's why I am kinda relieved. I'm not wearing any make-up and staying out of sun as much as possible.
  8. Great news! If you do go into the sun, don't forget to wear a high-protection sunscreen.
  9. elle tee is right, i think you have to have 5 posts & is there a waiting period too? like you have to be an active member for 5-7 days? active member meaning just make sure to log in daily for a week? something like that if i can remember? please correct me if i'm wrong though. my memory's foggy.

    also, your update is fantastic news seggrern!!! a couple months will really go by very fast. the 3 weeks that it took my face went by so fast i couldn't believe it. and we're here for you too. :heart:
  10. awww thank you!! socaltrojan ROCKS!! :tup:
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    HI Seggrern! Your most welcome. I really hope it helps!

    I think it sounds like it might be time for you to find a dermatologist that suits your needs better. Have you looked around for a new one? There are so many in so cal to choose from! If you go to your insurance website you can type in zip code and find providers in dermatology fairly easily, so that might be an option you want to try. If it is important for you to have a doctor who can spend 30 mins or more per visit with you, then you might want to try a dermatologist that is affiliated with an University close to you. Generally these providers are scheduled to see less patients in a day so they will be able to spend more time with you.

    Unfortunately I have never heard of Manuka Honey, so I can't really reccommend it or tell you to stay away from in, since I do not know anyone who has used it. If you want to try one more prescription cream, I would suggest asking your dermatologist if Triluma is right for you. Other than Retin A or Finecea, Triluma is the other cream that I have seen can work for some people. Since your skin is sensative and I don't know if you truly have melasma, please ask your derm if they think Triluma would be appropriate for you or if they know of other treatments that would be better.

    If you are looking for natural and effective skincare for every day use, I would recommend trying Mario Badescu. Do the questionaire on their site and they will send you free samples to try before you buy. Look up the thread on this forum and you can read about the many experiences people have had with the brand. I started that thread a while ago and many people on this forum started the brand with great results after I posted about it, so you may want to give it a try. If you need product advice, definitely post in that thread, there are many ladies who can let you know what has worked with them.

    Definitley continue to use at least a SPF 30 sunscreen. Not all of them are created equal. The derms I know, always recommend using Blue Lizard. It is the best and is made by an Australian company. I would recommend wearing that daily when ever you step out of your home, not just when you are in the sun.

    Anyways, I hope that helps!

    It seems you are feeling a bit more positive and optimistic about all of this, so hopefully it will all be okay soon! :yes:
  12. Thanks Natalie! You are too kind! :blush:
  13. Socal following your advice I've decided to make an appointment with a derm at UCI, you're the greatest thank u again for your advice :smile:
    As a matter of fact, the problem that pushed me to use proactive's products is the blackheads on my nose. I've had them since puberty and i read forums, talked to dermatologists - everyone seems to have different opinion. Some say they are so hard to remove some say simply squeeze them. my dermatologist wanted me to use differin for the blackheads but i decided not to use them given that I have a sensitive skin. What's the most natural and efficient way to get rid of these blackheads? My t-area is a bit oily. It's really frustrating having them up on my nose for a long time yet not knowing the treatment that works best.
  14. Seggrern, eek I am sorry I missed your post! I hope things are going better now! How are you doing?

    I am glad you made an appointment with a new derm! How do you like the new one? I hope he or she is fabulous!

    You may want to try Mario Badescu's silver powder! I hear that works great for blackheads. In fact their entire line is fabulous and really gentle. You might want to fill out the questionnaire and they will send you free samples! I have found that I like the brand a lot more than proactive because it is more natural, soothing, and doesn't really cause sensitivity.

    Definitely do not squeeze blackheads because you will end up damaging your skin and create redness.
  15. ive had this exact thing happen to me many months ago ( i think around August, now its february)... i woke up one morning with a nasty red mark that peeled off when i washed my face... my mark was diagnosed as being a keloid scar by my dermatologist and i was prescribed scar fade by hanson. After reading this thread (mainly social trojan's posts) i had no idea these mysterious red marks could have been caused by BP

    anyways many months later and its still here... ive never heard of biafine emulsion, nor do i go to medical school, does anyone know if treatment with biafine will still work?