Help - I think I bought a fake?

  1. I just won an auction for a bag I really wanted - but didn't know much about. What in the world I was thinking, not checking the seller here beforehand - I feel like an idiot (so please, try not to rub it in, k?)

    Seller is angtao... two posts in Chanel forum say seller is bad news (the bag I won is not Chanel) and I just hit the paypal button. I take my eBay reputation very seriously but I am willing to take the hit on a negative feedback if it means not losing $$$. Any thoughts on this seller? Ugh...

    Here is the bag:
    eBay: Tods Black Leather Document Shoulder Bag (item 330088601629 end time Feb-20-07 18:04:48 PST)
  2. Hi I don't know about authenticity of the bag itself - sellers can just show stock photos of an authentic bag and then ship you a different one. Go to the following site: and type in her eBay id. THis will give you an idea of her negative feedback.

    She does have quite a bit of negative and there is some reference to fakes. THe thing that concerns me the most is that she appears to remove the photos of auction items once feedback is left (although not sure if you can do that?!). Also, she offers no refund.

    I'm sure you'll have a lot of advice from other PFers soon! Good luck!
  3. Why do think it is a fake?
  4. Thanks for replying - I don't have any reason to think the pictures are of a fake bag; I just freaked out when I read what others had posted on tPF about the seller and admittedly, I hadn't read all of the seller's feedback b/c someone with that kind of volume is bound to have one or two negatives...

    I emailed the seller and told her I was concerned about authenticity. She replied quickly and said she would guarantee or money back (NOT what the auction states). I'm going to calm down and wait for the bag at this point.
  5. Assuming the photos are actual photos, nothing immediately jumps out at me as fake (my Tods bags have that embossed "genuine leather" and some kind of code, too) -- fingers crossed for you that the bag you get is the one pictured.
  6. Thank you!! I really appreciate the support.
  7. I saw her LV & Chanel since 2-3 years ago & all her items are authentic even if I correct she's MPRS ( sorry, not sure, please check MyPoupette for it ).
  8. If you click on her feedback and the 200 items per page it seems odd to me that quite a few of her buyers are no longer registered users. It may be legitimate, but just a little strange to me.
    Also she doesn't accept paypal so if it is a fake then you are not covered.
    I would be very, very hesitant to go through with the purchase.
  9. Ooh doesn't accept PayPal? May she's new policy? coz a few times ago, I noticed she state PayPal as her payment method. Maybe something wrong or what so she is no longer accept PayPal...
  10. I have seen a good few fake Chanels (and even posted some of the listings). I could tell by the wrong screws used on the bags. However, that does not mean all the sellers bags are fake, and yours has a good chance of being real. When you get it just have some members look at it.

    Here is a current Chanel that is being sold, which is fake. You can see that the screws behind the turnlock closure are phillips, but Chanel purses only use flat head screws.

    eBay: Chanel Blue Jean Clear CC Logo Shoulder Bag (item 330089038838 end time Feb-21-07 19:14:49 PST)
  11. Thanks everyone,

    I did pay with Paypal for this auction. That's the only way I'll buy anything on eBay!
  12. Update: 8 days since payment and I have no bag. I have requested shipment/tracking information twice with no response. If I have no bag and no email tomorrow night, I'm planning to contact ebay and paypal.
  13. well, the only thing I would be wary about is if they send you the bag, and it is a fake but you filed a claim i don't think you can change it from not received to not as described.

    before I'd do anything I would call paypal to see what you can do if you file for not received but it turns out to be fake. tell them your concerns, they should give you the best advice.
  14. This whole situation blows! I hope it works out for you.