Help!!! I think I am targeted...

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  1. Last month, I first listed the items to sell...( previously just buy). My items were removed just only for LV's items...I thought it might be a mistake reporting...I waited and relisted again yesterday....It happened again..but not just only LV's items also other luxury brands'...Ebay sent the email to me that they suspected my lists as counterfeit/fake items...13 items...My goddd

    I'm so frustrated...all my items are 100% genuine...even TR jeans( I posted all pics which show their authenticity like silverstitching , tag..etc)
    I'm worried that I am targeted by someone....How can I do? I cannot sell any items....
    Could anyone suggest me?:sad:
  2. I have a theory that other sellers (selling same items) are reporting you to get more business... Someone has to have been reporting you.
  3. Well, I don't sell, but I have heard that if your items are removed, you must get permission to relist them. If you didn't get permission, Ebay will remove and sometimes temporarily suspend you.

    There is a way of finding out why they pulled your listings. I think its whyendatEbay (replace the at with the @ symbol).

    Ebay may want you to go through a online tutorial on selling and anti-counterfeiting before they will let you back on.

    Be patient and someone else with lots more experience should be by to help.

    Good luck!
  4. Be sure you get the go ahead from ebay before you relist any of those items because they WILL permanently suspend your account after having pulled your auctions twice. 3 x and you're out.
    It does sound like competitors reporting you. Its nasty out there in ebay world and its getting worse.
  5. I feel it's not fair...
    Ebay let me relist some itemsafter finishing the tutorial of counterfeiting and prohited items...but just for some items...For LV's items , I can't relist...I don't really understand.
  6. If you do a search in this forum, you will see many threads on this subject
  7. This was posted on another thread here:

    Originally Posted by Hyacinth [​IMG]
    Let me remind everyone of one basic fact - REPORTING LISTINGS TO EBAY DOESN'T GET THEM REMOVED. THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN TELL EBAY TO REMOVE A LISTING IS THE VERO REP FOR THAT SPECIFIC MANUFACTURER. There have been dozens if not hundreds of blatantly fake bags that have been reported repeatedly by the members of TPF, KKO, and Ebay's Shoes and Purses forums that have NEVER been removed, so obviously it doesn't matter how many people send in reports OR WHAT FORUM THEY BELONG TO.
  8. ^^^^ I think the above is not true one bit. Why else would ebay even have the feature to report fakes ???

    What really matters is how many times and how many members it get reported through. Also, if somebody reported your bags to LV Vero or other designers VERO pages, they will pull the plug without even looking. The best thing for you would be to inform LV/other designer VERO through their page on ebay and then relist it. If possible, put a picture of the receipt (with CC info whited out) on the auction. Do put a whole bunch of detailed photos. Also, definitely include this statement:

    Ebay/VERO: Please note that I have the original receipt as per the picture and accordingly this item is authentic. Any further removal of my auctions will result in legal action against ebay.
    Do watermark all your pics with your ebay user id and date it.
    Good luck !
  9. It does matter how many times something is reported. Go to the sellers' forums on eBay and hang out there, you'll see. Of course, if an actual mfr is also reporting you, you're probably doomed (be sure to learn enough about how to sell - you cannot claim that most items are "new" or "new without tags" if they are also high end handbags - but it's too much to explain. Go read about it, you'll get the hang of it!