Help! I stopped getting email notifications about PMs!

  1. I stopped getting email notifications that I have new PMs... First the emails stopped including what was said in the PM, now I don't get them at all!!! What happened? Help! :yes:
  2. Could you have changed your user options? If you were changing things around in your user CP, then you could have unclicked that. Check out your Control Panel Edit Options setting and make sure you still have checked that you want an email notification of PM's etc.

  3. I took this measure to prevent people from just hitting "Reply" and receiving the response to the PM (notification) in my own inbox. :idea:
  4. Does that mean you know exactly what is written in the PM's?:confused1:
  5. If people made the mistake and replied to the PM notification email (although it stated *not* to do so), then yes, I could read it.

    Hence, I changed the settings and now you only get a notification and have to log into tPF to read its contents. This makes people less likely to respond to the notification itself via Email.