Help! I still can't decide.

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Emp. In Noir. Artsy, Speedy, or Lumi!

  1. Emp. Artsy in Noir

  2. Emp. Speedy in Noir

  3. Emp. Lumi in Noir

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have been trying to decide between the Emp. Artsy, Emp. Speedy, and Emp. Lumi all in black. Unfortunately they are all calling my name. I need advice from people that have experience with these bags. I thought I wanted Artsy. But today when I saw the black Artsy it looked so big and stiff. When I left I had pre-ordered the Speedy but when I got home I can't stop thinking about the artsy and Lumi!! Please help! Thanks so much.
  2. I voted for the Artsy...that's the one I'm thinking of getting...but if you think they look stiff and I'm not so sure. Did you get a pic by any chance? My store doesn't have it yet and I'm dying to see it...;)
  3. I voted for the speedy.....
  4. not much help here..i like the emp speedy and emp artsy but all 3 are all diff types of all depends what ur looking for..
  5. I didn't. I so wish I did now! Sorry. I'm sure it will soften up but my initial feeling was wow it's so big!
  6. i voted for the speedy . the artsy would have been a very close second, but i just love the empreint speedy and i think the noir would be beautiful. i've never been a big fan of the lumi. best of luck in your decision.
  7. The artsy is a beautiful bag. It's stiff in the beginning but softens up through time.

    I also like the speedy for its multifunction use. Crossbody, handheld, shoulder bag.

    I don't really like the lumi because I have too many tote bags.
  8. I am picking up my empirente speedy on Saturday just before the price increase. I say speedy!
  9. My vote is for the speedy or artsy.

    I have the mono artsy and LVoe it to pieces. It's gorgeous, but not always practical. Personally, I don't mind :smile:

    I am picking up an empreinte speedy on Sunday, and I'm over the moon! I wish I could claim her today!! The speedy is such a classic shape, and with the strap, the bag is super versatile!

    Good luck with your decision :smile:
  10. Thanks for your votes!
  11. love the Emp. Speedy, so that gets my vote!!
  12. Not to make you more confused, but how about Metis in Black empreinte? I saw it and it is very pretty, lighter and less bulky than artsy. If Metis is not what you like, then my choice would be speedy.
  13. I did not see this one today. I need to to have a look at it. Thanks for the help
  14. speedy gets my vote also.
  15. I vote for the speedy!👍