HELP! I sprayed my Speedy 30 with apple guard...questions!!!

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  1. HELP! I am having a panic attack!

    I sprayed my LV Speedy 30 with the Apple Guard leather protector, and the handles and all leather parts look great so far, but the canvas is so SHINY AND OILY!!!!!! IT ALMOST LOOKS METALLIC!

    Will this dry? I used paper towels and a cloth to wipe off the spray off the canvas, but it is still so OILY AND SHINY! Will this go away????

    Please tell me!
  2. Here is a photo of what it looks like.......

  3. please.......anyone have this experience???? Oily, shiny canvas after spraying apple guard??
  4. Use a damp cloth and clean it off and then dry that off with a dry cloth :smile: Apple Garde does that.
  5. Really? Will it come off, and won't leave the canvas shiny??
  6. It won't, it comes off of the canvas :smile: It came off of my Keepall, at least.
  7. THANK YOU!!!!!!! it came off!!!!!!!

    Have you had great results with this? I have a new Keepall 55, and I want to protect it from stains and water damage, should I spray it also?
    Will it slow down the pantina process? THANKS!!!!!:yahoo:
  8. First calm down, I know its scary the first time this happens. Apple Guarde will come off the canvas. I usually try to wipe the canvas right away but not always. You can take a non-alcohol baby wipe and wipe the canvas down followed with a dry towel. Just a tidbit, I like to put the Apple conditioner (made from the same company as the Apple Guarde) along the bottom edges of my speedys as well as along the creases of wallets, etc, I have found that it helps from wear of the canvas and I feel 99.9% certain that is why my older wallets have never had cracked canvas. You may need to do the baby wipe twice, but it will all come off.
  9. apple guard? what's it? pic to show? really so gd?:confused1:
  10. Hi, I just got my speedy azur 30 and planning to order the apple guard leather protector for possible water drops/stains on the vachetta handles/leather. But will I also need the Apple Conditioner?

    And when the leather protector was sprayed on the handles, won't it "darken" the leather a bit? coz my bag's still new, so no sign of patina yet, but im afraid it'll "darken" it a bit...


    I wiped the canvas off and it was FINE. Now I did a light second coat for good measure, and I am now waiting for that to dry.......
    I have the leather conditioner, should I use that on the leather parts of the bag when this spray dries????
  12. I use both the spray and the leather conditioner and I have always been pleased with the results.
  13. It gets dark until it dries, the change is barely noticable once it does though :smile:

  14. I usualy condition the leather after I cleaned my bags,
    then I spray the protector.
    condition before protection.;)

  15. Thanks! Then is it advisable to use the spray when my bag gets a bit older, like say in a few months time? :smile: Coz now its still fair, lol