Help! i spilled ice coffee on my brand new speedy!

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  1. i got some right on the zipper and it left a small stain. What's the best way to get this out? I tried using a little water on a cloth, but it's still left a small stain. Ugh, I just got this bag two days ago.

  2. might sound silly.. but i would put a little water on it.. and try and suck it out.

    I have done this before... and it works like a

    make sure you dont have any lipstick on.
  3. omg! suck it out? Well I spilled lip gloss all over my brand new monogram groom wallet (the blue one) It all wiped up nicely except the zipper area. I was so mad!!! But since the zipper area is almost like a cloth material. I ended up using a combo of magic eraser and tide stain remover pen. Then I used water. All of it came out beautifully. I'm sure the iced coffee would be no problem compared to my bright red lip gloss.
  4. My first go to for stuff like that is water & dishsoap - I use the clear kind so there's no chance of staining.
  5. what type of speedy? if it's canvas type, i'd try some tide to go pen on the zipper part.