Help! I sold a very high-priced item to Greece and it has been in customs for 6 days!

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  1. This was my first international sale and I considered it because the person had good feedback.

    I sent the high-priced item via USPS Express International and it said that it was accepted by Greece customs on 09/10 and we (the buyer and I) have not heard anything!

    I called USPS today and they said they would "do research" and get back to me within 1-5 days! Great!!! I don't think I can wait that long!

    I am SO worried (can't sleep) because the maximum insurance that I could put on the package was $650! The item costs 4x the amount!!

    Please advise me....I am so anxious about this sale.
  2. It can take a while for the package to be in customs maybe even two weeks. Six days in customs is not uncommon. I wish you could have put more insurance on it, for your own peace of mind.
  3. I planned to, but the USPS person said that the maximum insurance was only $650. Next time, I will have to consider UPS or Fedex even if it is more expensive. I just am so used to USPS and I heard that they rarely charge customs like USPS or Fedex.

    This actually may make me not sell internationally! Too much stress!!!

    Thanks for the peace of mind :smile:
  4. I hope you find out where the bag is soon :flowers:
    also what did you mean by this?

    I thought everyone usually charges customs?
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    Thanks! I read that it is less likely when you use USPS that you will be charged customs. I don't know exactly why, but that is what I read somewhere. In addition, the lady at USPS says that it is usually true that you are less likely to get charged customs.
  6. oh wow, you learn something new every day.

    is there an update on the status of the bag by any chance?
  7. This is so true in my experience of receiving parcels from US (I'm in Canada). I think it's because UPS have their own brokerage fees that they charge and it's really pretty high. I once ordered a Rebecca Minkoff bag that cost $550 and I had to pay UPS $155 in customs and/or brokerage fees! Ridiculous! :hysteric:
  8. If you sell on ebay, you can insure all packages through the shipsurance apps on ebay.

    I think she meant brokerage fee, if item send through the post office there is no brokerage fee.

    Six days in customs is nothing, the last package I sent to Greek stuck in customs for like two weeks.
  9. Don't be worried, this can take some time ;)

  10. Nope. Still waiting! I really hope that it gets to the buyer safely. I have been fortunate that the buyer keeps in touch with me, too.

    Cross your fingers for me ;)
  11. Hi Line, Thanks for your support. It's my first time and I am so worried about the item because it costs so much! I wasn't able to insure it for it's full amount :sad:
  12. Hi pursewatch!

    Thanks for your support and information. I didn't know that you can insure all packages through the shipsurance apps on ebay. How do I do that????

    It's also comforting to hear that your package was stuck in customs for 2 weeks on Greece. Did your buyer end up having to pay customs fees? Just curious. Thanks for your input!!!
  13. I wouldn't worry about your bag just yet, as a previous poster mentioned, it can sometimes take 2 weeks to clear.

    Also, based on my own experience, it is correct that items sent via USPS are less likely to incur customs fees.
  14. I had a bag in Australian customs for nearly 30 days. I was so nervous the entire time because it was such an expensive bag. Fortunately it was fully insured and declared and I was so lucky to have the most understanding buyer ever. I couldn't believe how patient she was. Most buyers would have opened an INR case and been a total pain even though the seller has no control over customs. The buyer finally got the bag and loved don't worry yet! Most likely it will get there just fine in a week or so.
  15. You can add shipsurance app here. You can insure packages with two clicks of the mouse, insurance coverage is available for most countries (I don't work for them BTW).

    Yes, the buyer did have to pay duty tax, she didn't let me know how much but she was not too thrill about it. Good luck! :smile: