HELP! i shipped an item 14 days ago its not there :( she wants $ back,,,what do i do!

  1. HELP ME! :sad: ive never had any problems but i sent out a coach solid perfume like 14 days ago and its not there,

    i got delivery confirmation and full insurance but i dont know what to do cause ive never had something not arrive!!!!!!!!! how do i file this insurance thing? do i just give her the $ back if its going to be a long process and if it shows up ask her to send it back or what?

    all the tracking # is saying is when it left me, the date and time with no other info

    i dont blame her for being annoyed i would be too and i have no idea what to do!!!!!!

    HELP PLEASE :sad:

    Its only like $45 -50 its not a huge amt of $ to give back but i just dont want to do it wrong and loose the $ and the item (or insurance claim or whatever!)

    thanks! :sad:
  2. Well hopefully the buyer isnt being belligerant with you. Its not your fault, and you have the tracking to prove it. My advice would be to contact the post office in person and bring the tracking number. (The Post Office has more detailed info in their systems than what we see on our own screens) at that point get an ETA on when the item will get to the buyer and advise the buyer. If she opens a claim or already has, arm yourself with your tracking number and be ready to provide it to paypal
  3. 14 days is not a long time. i've had items take 3 weeks to arrive. Tell her that the post office gets backed up around a holiday and may delay shipping times. Also tell her that you can prove the item was sent, it may be that it's being returned to sender. She needs to cool her heels. Also according to eBay's website- seller is not responsible for shipping times.
  4. I take it you didnt request signature confirmation? ALWAYS require that it be signed for. always, always, always!

    There's a whole new batch of buyers out there now who will see that they didnt have to sign for something and they will use that against you! They will keep the item they received, but they are telling you they didnt get it, and then they get their money back from you! They get the item for free and youre out the items and your money.

    I went thru this a few months ago when I realized the guy at the PO didnt put signature conf on one of the boxes I sent out. Didnt think anything of it, it was insured. The buyer said she didnt get it, the PO said it was delivered. And I had to refund the money. I KNOW she got it because she tried to sell it on eBay 2 weeks later! I reported her to eBay and they suspended her for mail fraud. And I got to leave her 4 negative feedbacks for that and the other items she bought from me (all LV bags).

    SIGNATURE confirmation along with your insurance is the only way you can protect YOU.
  5. thanks oh donna i will from now on

    but the delivery confirmation it says when something arrives at the location, and it doesnt say that,,,

    and if it did wouldnt i know she got it?

    crap this sucks i feel so bad and i DO NOT want a negative over this :sad:
  6. you need delivery confirmation for items under $250 to be protected. for all items over $250 signature confirmation is required. but since the item is insured, it also needs to be signed for.

    just take it to the post office and see whats happening. if they cant track it then you can get your money back since you insured it. you can also refund the buyer's money.
  7. hey ya,
    I have sent stuff from EUrope to US and it took about 3 weeks WITHIN US to arrive, so I'd say this really depends where you sent it to (mine clearly was a small place somewhere in IN and it took forever...)

    I would tell her in a nice way that it can take time and that you are hoping it will arrive soon. she may be getting advice on a forum to open a dispute etc kwim?, so the more relaxed you manage with each other the better. I wouldnt start along the lines of: oh I am not responsible for delivery times etc - as this would just raise blood pressures all around and possibly result in a negative. if it comes to a dispute it will be in your favour anyway.

    i agree with Oh Donna - I am a signature confirmation kinda gal! :smile:
  8. What method did you send it? I bought a purse and although the seller sent it promptly, I didn't get it until 1 month later. Sometimes it just takes a while if you don't use priority or one of the speedier services.

    Also, with delivery confirmation, I've noticed that it's usually not updated unless the item has been delivered. Sometimes, the mail carrier is too lazy to even scan it. I think it's so unfair that delivery confirmation is something we pay for and yet doesn't always get scanned.

    If it were me, I'd ask the buyer to wait a few more days and see if it arrives. Use Sabrina's advice and say something about the July 4th holiday.

    Good luck. :smile:
  9. Oh, I'm so sorry. That must have been an absolute nightmare to deal with that crazy lying buyer. Did you end up getting your money back? Stories like this make me hate ebay even more. It's full of scam artists. AND - how stupid can she get!?!? She goes and sells the same purse she claimed not to have received? What an idiot!

    I'm glad you got to leave negatives though. :smile:
  10. Yes, definitely go to the post office and bring your paperwork with you. They should be able to help you. Good luck!
  11. well i dont really blame the buyer for being pissed or anxious because there are alot of fraudulant sellers out there and you really have to be cautious. its been two weeks she hasn't received her product and paypal has a time limit on disputes. i have heard of sellers that give the run around until paypal's deadline expires. not saying thats what you are doing but bottom line she doesn't know you and so she will always think the worst so i dont think its fair to say that she has to just wait until the post office figures it out