HELP! I scratched my Inclusion Ring! :(

  1. So today I was fixing my bed, and while doing so, I accidentally scraped/dragged my Amarante Inclusion Ring against the wall. Well, now the top of my ring has a huge line of scratch where the plastic isn't clear anymore :sad:. (Rather, it's more opaque...)

    What can I do to save my ring? Can I take it into an LV store to get it fixed? Is there any at-home treatments to save this baby?

    I'm SO sad! ;_;
  2. When we have something wrong with our LV's bags we take to the LV store, i guess it is the same with the your ring.. try and let us know..
  3. I'd take it in but I don't think there's anything that can be done about it. They'd have to re-pour the whole ring in order to make it perfect again..if they just filled in the area, I think it would still have a mark on it.
  4. Oh Gosh, I hate seeing threads like this .... it makes me sad. :cry:

    I'm so sorry this happened to your ring.

    I would just take it in to the LV Store/Boutique and see what they suggest.

    Best of Luck! :flowers:
  5. Go in and ask though, there might be no fix - but they might be able to buff it out somehow - with a very very fine grain sandpaper or something like that - DON'T try that yourself
  6. I am so sorry to hear that... Please let us know if LV can help!
  7. aww sorry to hear peach.. here's hoping LV can do something about it
  8. i dont think theyll be able to do anything. but worse comes to worse maybe wet sanding (like when you paint a car) or maybe add a layer of lacqer to restore shine. see what LV says first
  9. Unfortunately I don't think that anything can be done to remove the scratch...but you can always take it into LV and see what they'd suggest.
  10. Oh no! :sad: I'm so sad if they can't do anything about it. The scratch looks awful! Like many of you suggested, I'm going to take it to the store and see what they say. Thank you girls!
  11. If the scratch isn't too deep, I would look up a plastics supply place in the phone book. I remember in junior high I took a plastics class and remember polishing the freshly cut plastic pieces until their edges were nice and smooth. Hopefully the scratch isn't too deep. I remember lots of kids polishing the scratches off of the plastic faces of Swatch watches that were soooo popular at the time.
  12. cpster, that sounds promising! Thank you SO much for the suggestion! I really want to save this ring!
  13. So sorry.....I'd take it into LV and see what they suggest or take it to a reputable jeweler and see if they know of anything.
  14. So sorry that happened! Hope something can make it look better, keep us notified, sure hope LV can help.
  15. It's hard not to scratch the inclusion ring as it does pop out quite a bit. My framboise is scratched and defn not as shiny anymore but my amarante is still ok. I don't think LV will be able to do much about it. Try going to an auto store, they sell polish for the plastic back windows for convertibles that specifically remove scratches. It's worked rather well so far.