HELP! I saw my dreambag , hold me back!!!

  1. Today I was in the "city" looking for a b-day present for my grandma which I ended up not finding.
    So I thought why not check out the "local" store that carries a few b-bags :graucho:(even if the have really bad service).

    And there it was : The Weekender in steel with SGH. Smouchy big beautiful:drool:. I also saw the work but the weekender was just :heart: at the first sight the work seemed really small in comparison.

    Oh girls I was so tempted but this is way out of my budget I even thought about charging it to a cc and not telling hubby:shame:. Usually I am not like that...or not to that point:p.
    Before seeing this beauty I decided on getting a 05 black work this fall but that would be a planned out purchase....

    Tell me that I will grow sick of the SGH, that it is madness, that it's too big...whatever just help me to get this out of my mind!:sweatdrop:
  2. HAHA're in the wrong place for that...we're all enablers here LOL

    But seriously....if you can't afford it right now...I would wait....when you have the $$ I'm sure one will be on eBay for less than retail!!!!

    Good luck with whatever you decide!!! I know the tormenting feeling..when I have the $$ there is nothing I want, and when I'm broke I find my dream bag LOL
  3. I wasn't a fan of the GH at first and I can tell you now...SGH on Steel, you won't be able to resist. My GGH Work in Anthracite is my most fave bag. If you had of told me 6 months ago that I'd be rocking a GGH Work everyday, I wouldn't have believed you!!!
  4. you've come to the wrong place girl! like Twiggers said we're all enablers here! and I LOVE GH!!! I say go for it if it's love at first sight! otherwise you'll always wonder... I for one is one of those who will charge EVERYTHING to the CC if I see something I like... then beg and convince the olds or darling BF that I really did NEED this and that it is really gorgeous and that it trully is my LAST bag! LOL! good luck!
  5. Oh wow it sounds so scrummy! especially as you have seen one with tdf leather i think thats you calling! There may only be some nasty leather ones left at the end...... or none at all!!!!
  6. I say go for it because really, what if you don't find it again? I'm also just like addicted ali because if I find something I've been lusting for and there is a possibility I won't get it later, oh I'll totally buy it with CC and set up a pay plan for myself so that I don't screw myself over with finance charges.
  7. hmm since i see you're on a bag ban i'll answer realistically. i'm all for us girls finding the bag of our dreams but if you can hold back for a bit you'll test the love you have for the bag and see how much you want/need it. good luck whatever you decide to do!
  8. I just say buy it!!!
  9. :lol:Oh girls aren't you supposed to be :angel:.......and hold me back.
    I have calmed down a bid but this bag is just something :girlsigh:
  10. Each time I run up that CC I say it is the last bag but it never is. Something else catches my eye - dark goes to bright, sensible middle sized goes to huge goes to tiny!

    Are you absolutely sure this is the ULTIMATE BAG for you? What about the Work in the same colour / hardware combo?
  11. Oh goodness, how many times have we all been in the same situation? I am always on a "ban" ...that I never hold strict to! I say, sleep on it for a couple days, if you're still drooling for it as much as you were, then go buy it. You deserve a new bag! ...At least that's what I tell myself all the time! :graucho:
  12. Maybe you can sell one of your existing bags FAST and fund it.

  13. I have been thinking about that too but for now I really like all my bags and am not ready to part with anoyher one...

    I have been sleeping over it but think need a more rational approach (I am a bid obsessed right now)
  14. Haha, I find it hard to be rational over handbags in general!
  15. If it is a dreambag.. I say do it. lol. If you think there is another dreambag down the line... well... do it anyway. LOL