HELP! I saw a Chanel I've never seen before - need an ID! rop

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  1. I saw a girl on the corner with a small clutch, rectangular, it was red patent, but looked exactly like the LV vernis collection - a glazed patent with monogram embossed into it. the chain was thin and silver (no woven leather)

    it was small rectangle, probably about 10"long x 5" high...

    simple zip top, very flat, almost no gusset... does anyone know this style? i desperatly want it in a white or nude color! please reply if you know! TIA!
  2. it's the lucky symbols! does the red have an orange tone? there are some pieces floating around, but not sure if it comes in white....i've seen red, silver, gold, and black only.
  3. In Japan, they have the red, light blue, silver, gold and black.
  4. omg you uys are the best! you did find it.. thats the one!

    the one with the checkerboard and the symbols embrossed... not the quilted on..

    gee i really wish it came in a white/ivory or nude...