Help! I ruined the leather of my shoes!

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  1. I'm so sad, I scraped the leather off a pair of heels I really love today. There was a hole in the pavement and the heel sank in and part of the leather near the heel tip has now come loose, and I can see the plastic heel underneath. Is there anything that a cobbler can do, I wonder? The small piece of leather has not completely come off and it's still attached (hope you know what I mean) and I'm wondering if cobblers are able to reattach it? Thanks!
  2. A good shoe repair service can sometimes re-glue the leather - if it is still attached (as you say - yours is). I have had success with that.

    Sometimes they have suggested to me that the damage is such, that I need to recover both heels with new leather, which I have done also, when needed.

    Good luck.:tup:
  3. I think there are a lot of posts about this, as this is unfortunately a common occurrence. If you do a search maybe you'll also get more info about what others have done to fix it.