HELP!?!? I ruined my Rouge VIF Day!!!

  1. I am breastfeeding and I carry my cooler w/ expressed milk in my Day when I am at work. I guess I didn't close one of the containers yesterday and when I went to get my car keys out of my bag and I found that it leaked into my entire bag. What do I do.... how do I clean it????
  2. Honey, you take that bag to a professional leather cleaner at the least! I wouldn't try any home remedy at this point.
  3. ^^ Agreed.
    Sorry about the milk spill :sad:
  4. professional cleaner!!!!! don't even touch it.
  5. I hope it works out!!
  6. Deffinitely let the professionals handle it! Let us know how it goes. Good luck!
  7. i'm soooooooooooooo sorry this happened to you japskivt, but i'm sure a good professional cleaning is all she needs & she'll be just like new again :tender:
  8. I really hope this can be solved. Best of luck! take it to a proffesional!
  9. Oh no! I agree with everyone else, take it to a professional so you know it will be done right the first time. :yes:
  10. I'm sorry that doing something good for your baby lead to this accident. I would be optimistic that a professional cleaner could help.
  11. Is it just the internal lining that got damaged, or did it soak through to the leather?
  12. best of luck - I am mourning with you. please let us know how it works out
  13. What kind of leather cleaning.... where do I go..... I'm in the NYC area...... I am so sad.... it soaked through to the leather, its not just the lining.... I got it at BalNY... should I call them and explain??
  14. :yes: Yes definitely i would call BalNY and get some advise from them before you do any thing with it. I am sure they will lead you to the right direction. Good luck.:flowers:
  15. What about ArtBag? They're in NYC and do all kinds of leather bag repairs. I remember PFers have had good results from them for bbag renovations:


    Good luck and so sorry this happened to your bbag! I'm sure she'll be ok! :yes: