help! i ruined my B bag

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  1. Hi, i own a Balenciaga City in Bois de Rose and i often wear them with my jeans.. The worst part is, my jeans color 'bleeds' to the bag.. does anybody know how to remove the stain or where i could re-color my B bag? Preferably in Australia or Asia.. Thanks ladiess :smile:
  2. Try a reputable leather cleaner, like the products from LMB (loving my bags).

    After you've cleaned your bag, perhaps treat it with some leather protector so any future stains can be removed more easily.
  3. I had a Prada washed leather bag restored at My Bag Spa in Melbourne. I am in Brisbane, but they have a postal service.

    Here is a link to a thread I posted in the Prada forum about it. They will take care of any brand of bag and they were fantastic:

    They really understand all types of leather and they carry the LMB products which they package under their own brand, but are hard to find in Australia. Have a look at their website. Good luck!