Help, I returned the bag to the seller and now they aren't responding!

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2010
    I bought a Saleya MM on eBay and was very excited. When I got the bag it wasn't the Saleya MM listed in the auction the bag was actually the Saleya PM which is too small. I contacted seller through email and she said that she would accept refund and( is even in her listing that she will accept a refund withing 3 days of me receiving the item) and to send the bag to the return address on the package. I did and paid $40 in priority mail shipping with delivery confirmation/confirmed mail last Wed. (Jan 27)
    Saturday (Jan 30th) comes and I'm surprised that I haven't heard anything from the seller so, I contact her....nothing. Late Sunday night (Jan 31) She finally responds and says that she has NOT received the bag back. I check the USPS site and it says that the bag was delivered on January 29th at 11:23am. Seller looks it up and says that it is weird. I tell her again that I mailed the bag to the return address that she said to mail it to and then she was like "Oh, that's the address of the place where I sent the bag!"
    She gave me the name of the FedEx mailing store and I looked it up on the iternet and was able to find the store #.
    Monday morning (Feb 1) I get an email from the seller stating that the owner was at work on Friday and will know where the package is (Owner will be in at 2pm) and that she will notify me and refund me as soon as she gets the bag....I never hear from the seller again.
    4pm Monday rolls around and I do not hear anything. I decide to call the FedEx store and the employee told me that the seller did in fact come into the store and pick up the package (bag) that morning.
    I've tried contacting the seller, even calling her because she gave me her cell and phone #. She has over 1,000 feedbacks on Ebay and even after leaving her a message I've heard nothing.
    Now what should I do?
    I already opened up a claim with eBay.
    Any suggestions?
  2. Call eBay immediately. I know you said you filed a claim; is it escalated yet? Did you return the bag with signature confirmation? Let them know that you returned a bag to the address that the seller told you, it was delivered, and the seller refuses to issue a refund. Try not to worry. If you did everything correctly, you'll be protected by Buyer Protection.
  3. If you filed a claim you just need to contact them and give them the delivery confirmation number. If for some reason she doesn't refund you first, they will once they check and see it was delivered.
  4. Thanks!
    I just got off the phone with eBay and they looked up the tracking # and saw that the item was delivered to the sellers address on their eBay account. They told me that if the seller did not refund my money by Sunday that I should call back and they would issue a refund on behalf of the seller.
    I'm still SO nervous! I don't know what is going on with this seller.
  5. Wow, how scary! Well, you shouldn't be nervous anymore. eBay told you that they would personally refund your money on behalf of the seller, so you are in the clear! At this point, who cares what's going on with the seller? ;)
  6. Honestly, if she just picked the package up yesterday ( Monday ), I would give her a little longer to respond. She may not get online everyday. She may work outside the home or have other things going on.
    IMO, one day isn't enough time to give someone to respond.
  7. I use a UPS store myself and I do not always go everyday ( they tend to get their deliveries around 4 pm and I can not always get out at that time ) but I do get an email from the store telling me a package arrives. If I know I will go the next morning I pick up the package then and will give a refund when I get home but if a package arrives on a Friday and I can not get there until Monday I use the tracking information to see where it came from and if it was a return ( especially if there was a flaw in the item I was unaware of ) will issue the refund sight unseen. The customer should not be punished for my inability to get the package.
  8. If seller have many good feedback,I will wait and give her more time.
  9. I hope you get your money back OP!
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