Help!!!I received a fake LV handbag!!!!!

  1. I need your help I just got a fake LV handbag,what should I do???????? The auction stated 100% authentic money back. Should I email her first or make a claim through paypal, call my credit card company.HELP???????
  2. well i received a fake as well and when i contacted the seller she emptied out her paypal account. if you file a claim they freeze her account. the seller in my case also offered 100% authentic or money back. it's a way to get us to trust them. good luck!
  3. Claim through Paypal and then e-mail the seller.
  4. Thanks, I just made a claim with paypal.
  5. the claim alone will not get your money back, be sure try to send at least 2 or 3 emails via paypal. You must escalte the claim w/n 20 days, then Paypal will invest into it.
  6. ^^ Yikes, was it a bait & switch, or was it not authenticated in the LV forum prior to your purchase?
  7. I was too trusting and did not ask the forum(stupid me), now I am paying for it. I have a feeling the seller is not going to email me back through the paypal dispute so I will have to open a claim.
  8. Did you pay with a credit card? If paypal doesn't refund you, then file a chargeback.
  9. Paypal chargebacks can take some time, took 3 months for me when I was sent bootlegs. If you paid by paypal when your account was $0, funds would have been charged to your credit card in which case you can terminate that transaction, it's much faster.
  10. I did pay by credit card, should I call my cc company before I put a claim into paypal? This happended to before but the girl emailed me back and we settled with out paypal. This is so frustrating I should have asked you girls before buying the bag.
  11. So sorry this happened to you. Hopefully you will get justice!
  12. If I do a chargeback with my cc company won't they need some kind of proof that the bag is fake? Or will they just take it off my cc? I am banning eBay!!!!!
  13. Hi! I'm so sorry this happend to you.. :sad:
    I'm new on eBay, so I don't have any experience in this area, but I'm getting my fendi spy bag any day now..and I bought it before I new about this forum.. So it's probably a fake..I thought I was careful..and now I'm freaked in advance.. prepared to go trough all that You are now :sad: What happens if the seller empties her account? I never get the money back?? Or does paypal (i paid with visa trough paypal) freeze the account straight away..when I email about a fake?

  14. Make sure you spell out why it is fake. Once it gets escalated, you can't add anything more to the complaint.
  15. Did you pay one of the 2 authenticators to take a peek? Once PP sends the e-mail asking for authentication, they put down a time limit to get it done.