Help I really want a bag right now..

  1. Help I really want a bag right now another LV maybe daimer for winter...problem I owe 2k on my credit card and have gone over budget to get the speedy,LH, pouchette assecoire, groom pouchette wallet, mono cles and yes the "on a wim" red vernis which I do not use it is essentially eye candy...will use in nicer weather. I just keep thinking ...ohhh...just one more bag...this voice nagging at more...just one more bag a daimer for winter...I like the papillion but that will put me 3k in the hole...I really need to get it LV obession is too much...anyone else like this...I am fighting the urge to run up my cc but, some days I come sooo close to must the eye candy on tpf tempting my LV stuff so why do I want/need I really need a daimer for the winter months or will my speedy LH is on lock down during the bad weather months all that gorgeous anyone else like this at all......:yahoo:
  2. It is like a drug isnt it!?
  3. What if you get the Damier Speedy 25, which is the most affordable good size handbag and it will be perfect for the winter months! I'm planning on getting on in a couple of weeks, I can't wait!!! Hang in there LV Pug...that's why I got rid of all my cc's because I really went shop happy when I had them in my possession. Can't go there again!! So....I save up the good ol' fashion way...ever so slowly!! That way I can appreciate my purchases more. Good luck girl!!! :smile:
  4. yes it soo never got to me like this...maybe I will sell some bags to finance a new one...but, a part of me does not want to because I take such good care of my bags and they look brand new...and I will be losing money...LV has gotten to is all that I want now...
  5. I only have one cc card now because more than one is dangerous for me...I do not even carry it on me because it is an issue...maybe I to have no cc cards...either cash or forget about it.....maybe certain people are not good with cc and get too tempted...maybe I need to give up tpf....
  6. I want my whole apartment to be filled with LV...trunks, handbags and accessories...those yummy accessoires I want more and more and more...anyone else want more and more and more and more...
  7. I'm the same way some times. But I put myself on a mini shopping ban for October. All I'm allowed to buy is food and school stuff.

    It helped me overall see what I need and also not make the credit card debt climb, as I've benen working for a yr now to pay mine off. And even when you do a pretty good job, buying one Lv bag sends those credit cards bills right back up there.

    I know where your coming from. Hugs
  8. I'm always feeling tempted, even when I JUST finished buying something. It's like there's ALWAYS something I want. I think being so young and having a credit card with a 10,000 dollar limit has made the temptation a billion times worse for me. It makes me think "Oh, what's 1000 out of 10,000?" But my horrible fear of debt always wins out :lol:
  9. If you can't pay for it, don't get it. I hate to see others in credit card debt. It's a very bad feeling, and maybe that's why you need to keep getting more stuff to make you feel better. My psychologist friends tell me a lot of things like that, buy anyway, those cc debt nag at you everyday, so do yourself a favor and stop sending more of these $$nagging$$ voices to your mental good health. Just tell yourself that the bag is always going to be there, it's not going away.

    You've got a lot of LVs already, so why not be content for now. Don't just feel happy about your existing LVs, becaue I am sure you are very happy and excited about your purchases, but rather, be SATISFIED, until you get your finances together.
  10. Good for you!
  11. Ditto:yes:
  12. Voice of reason thank you so much...yes it will be there and I am going to pay off my cc completely before getting just love LV and want more!!!
  13. what chitchatgo said is totally right. you have more LVs than I do LVpug! feel good about that. get it when you can afford it. your damier will always be there waiting. :angel:
  14. Its true :yes: There's always an excuse or so called "need" for another bag. But since you've just gotten so many new pieces, maybe you should wait until something comes around that you "really, really" want before getting another bag. It's not worth putting yourself further into the hole just because you need a "winter" it for the next "must have" instead!
    I've also found from experience, that a string of purchases in a row can lead to "impulse" buying or wanting. Give yourself some time to enjoy your recent purchases, use them for awhile and you might find that you'll have a better idea of what bag you should get next. Your "needs" may change, so don't buy too much within a short period of time! I've done that before and regretted it later! ;)
  15. Don't let the cycle continue! What's the point in getting off on purchasing when you can't appreciate them afterwards? Be happy-enjoy all your goodies already!!!! :flowers: