Help! I razored part of my fingernail off!!!

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  1. Ow ow ow ow owwww!!!!

    Jeez, I am such an idiot! I was just in the shower shaving and the razor fell and I tried to catch it. Well, when I caught it it also sliced part of my left index finger fingernail off!!!!! :cry: Owwwwww!!

    It started to bleed so I hopped out of the shower right away and put some cold running water on it while trying to get peroxide with my free right hand. Put some peroxide on it and it hurt like HELL!!!!! Let the peroxide do it's bubbly job, then put some neosporin and a bandaid on it. Owwwwww :cry: long can I look forward to having a HOLE in my fingernail? It's a pretty decent size too...I can't bring myself to take off the bandaid and look at it again :sad:

    I've never experienced anything like this before...Will it hurt when it grows out? I almost nearly passed out in the shower too after I went back in to finish washing my hair...Weirdest thing!!
  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauw!!!!!!!!!!!
    that just sent shivers down my spine!
  3. I've scraped off part of my nail also and it does look awful. So you are not the only one! lol
    I think putting some oil on it will help it heal and eventually it will grow out. It sucks if you have a special occasion and your nail does not look good.
  4. Ouch. The underneath should heal right away, but I'm afraid you're going to have to wait for the nail to grow out.

  5. Same here! I've had that happen twice. I guess I just wasnt paying attention. Haha! Anyway, dont worry about it. It will grow back and it doesnt really hurt as much after awhile . Also, I've noticed that nails grow faster when you take showers often and maybe wash dishes or just get your nails soaked in water.

  6. You'll have to wait for the fingernail to grow out. So sorry, and hope your finger feels better soon!
  7. I've done that before too. It hurts like crazy when it happens. It took my nail at least 3 weeks to grow over the hole area and to the tip of my finger- I sliced mine about 3/4 of the way down, close to the bed.
  8. I think I sliced mine down to the bed too...I can't even bare to look at the thing, it looks so painful :cry:

    It doesn't hurt so much today, but I do have to watch out what I'm doing. I never realized how important my left index finger was until today when I attempted to wash my face without
  9. I also do this all the time.... usually it's not so abd that it bleeds though. You'll have to leave that bandaid on for awhile. Take extra calcium to help your nails grow a little faster!