HELP! i purchased a fake Jimmy Choo.

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  1. Hi Guys, i'm all new to this, so please do tell me if i'm doing anything wrong.

    This is my story... I found a Jimmy Choo clutch on eBay, bid on it and won. On date of arrival i find that it's a knockoff. It's made in China? I've escalated this claim with paypal & this is what they've sent me;

    We're contacting you to request some additional information about your case.
    Transaction Details
    Transaction Date: 28 Oct 2007
    Transaction Amount: -$132.50 AUD
    Your Transaction ID: 53X18351G6973473E
    Seller s Transaction ID: 0FJ99410FM085402K
    Case Number: PP-362-207-621
    Seller's Name: Tess Bevacqua
    Seller's Email: *******************
    Please provide documentation to confirm that the item you purchased is not
    authentic. This documentation should be from an unbiased third party, such
    as an appraiser or dealer. The third party should be someone who is
    qualified to appraise the item you received.
    The information should be on letterhead that includes the name, address,
    and phone number of the appraiser so that we may contact them if we require
    additional information. We are unable to reimburse you for any cost
    associated with obtaining this documentation.
    Any documents you provide may be supplied to the seller, at their request.
    Deadline: 10 calendar days
    Please visit PayPal s Resolution Center to submit your documentation.
    If we do not hear from you within 10 calendar days, the case will be closed.
    Thank you.
    Protection Services Department
    PayPal, an eBay Company


    Does anyone know where i can get this documentation? If possibly online? We do not have any Jimmy Choo boutiques in Melbourne.

    Seller insists this bag is real... guys please take a look.... obviously it's not.

    I've also attached pictures of this bag.
    Canon Pictures nov2007 062.jpg Canon Pictures nov2007 059.jpg Canon Pictures nov2007 058.jpg Canon Pictures nov2007 056.jpg Canon Pictures nov2007 063.jpg
  2. I am sorry this happened to you.

    eBay acknowledges and's authentication letter. However, I don't know if those two sites will authentic Jimmy Choo. Please check their website and email them. PayPal gives 10 days to issue the letter, so you'd better acting it fast. I have never worked with, but I worked with before and she is wonderful.

    If or doesn't authenticate Jimmy Choo, you could contact your credit card company (provided you paid by cc) and request a chargeback. Usually your credit card company will require a signature of receiving proof before issuing you the refund. You will need to send the bag back to the seller and require a signature of receiving. You don't need to inform the seller you are sending the bag back; otherwise he/she may reject the package.

    Next time, please post the authentication question prior your bidding to each brand's subforum. There are many experts should be able to help you.

    Good Luck!
  3. thankyou handbag angel! i've just sent emails to and! If paypal fails to reimburse me... i will proceed with a chargeback.

  4. Please keep the original package so you know seller's shipping address. Hold for sending it back until hearing from PayPal or CC's instruction. You could Yahoo to map the address to make sure it is a real address before send it back. Good luck!
  5. That bag is so obviously fake! Go to my guide on e-bay about fake Jimmy Choo to see some pics of real and fake bags. I have a picture of an authentic Marin...maybe you can copy the pics and send to paypal. What is the sellers e-bay name? There have been so many fakes of this style lately on e-bay. I report them all the time! You must leave neg feedback to warn others!
    And ALWAYS have the Choo girls on this forum take a look at any Choo bag you are considering on e-bay.