Help! I neede new perfume!!

  1. I need to buy some new perfume, What do you all recommed? I am loolking for afavorite scent!!
  2. It all depends on what kinda fragrances you like. I'm all for florals, and right now my favourite is Marc Jacobs Essence. You might wanna smell it first; some people find it heavy.
  3. Try Creed. They are the oldest fragrance house in the world, and they have a lot of scents to choose from. You can even get one made specially for you!
  4. The new Burberry "The Beat" smells divine.
  5. Jo Malone..luv the grapefruit. I also luv Prada Iris
  6. Be Delicious - DKNY

    Angel - Thierry Mugler

    Mariel - H2o

    Are 3 of my favorites!
  7. Favorites of late:

    Alien - Thierry Mugler
    Juicy Couture

    (all fairly different in scents)
  8. Try that lovely new fruity one (I'm getting it for spring) by Viktor & Rolf, Flowerbomb [​IMG]
  9. my favorite is philosophy amazing grace
  10. try laura mercier violette spray, its a spray not a perfume but it smells beautiful and stays with me all day, its wonderful and not a sticky smell like a perfume.
  11. I love perfume. I really like Michael Kors The Island. But I don't use any of those big brand name perfumes anymore. I am addicted to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. A lot of the scents are to die for.
  12. ^OMG I love Michael Kors Island!!! Smells so yummy. Lacoste Inspiration is a really classic scent..I love it. Hermes Kelly Caleche is good too. I have a ton of perfume :amuse:
  13. I like Ralph Lauren Blue
  14. the new Chloe perfume is really nice. just got it today.
  15. Island Capri by Michael Kors is my current fave.