Help: I need your opinion! Thanks!

  1. I have been drooling over the Chanel Vintage Ligne Tote in Swanky Mama of Three and a few other PF's have. They have been selling out I guess I have to decide soon. I love the bag, but it will be the most I have spent on a bag so far.....the highest I have gone is the classic flap in caviar.....but it really is amazing how easily one's price limit changes...mine used to be a 400 self-imposed price limit when I just started becoming a purse addict LOL. Sorry to get off topic. question that I need help with you think this will be a bag I can use for many years to come or do you think it is trendy and will not be in style in a couple of years? I have bought many trendy bags...that I feel funny using now. So I began to focus more on the classics. Before I take the plunge....what do you think? One other question....what is your opinion on this bag? Like? Dislike? Thanks in advance for your help!;)
  2. Chanels are timeless. I think you can use this bag in black, brown, or white when youre 18 or 68.
  3. I don't think this particular bag is trendy at all. I think you'll use it for many years to come.:yes:
  4. I agree. I have and love this bag. I have another one on the way. I will use this for years.
  5. I don't think its trendy... but I am biased... I have 2!!
  6. I'm not a trendy gal really, so my opinion {being that I own one! is that they're timeless!
  7. They're classics!
  8. This bag is different because it doesn't look like typical Chanel. It's great for women who want a classy bag without a screaming logo. I love the leather on this line but wish the square vintage box (the smallest in the line) was larger because it is more my style. The only thing holding me back from buying the tote is that it is not my style (shape) but I love, love, love everything else about it! You could use it for many years ahead of you.
  9. This is an absolutely stunning bag. I have it in burgandy and just love it!! timeless....
  10. ^:gasp!: burgundy!?
    I'm Sure I knew this. . . right?
  11. I think it's a bag you will enjoy for many, many years.
  12. I agree that Chanel's are timeless. Whenever I go shopping and see someone carrying a Chanel it doesn't matter if the bag was bought that day or 20 years ago, the bag and the person carrying it look amazing! You really can't go wrong with any Chanel purchase :smile:.
  13. i love the square vintage line, and i don't think this is a trendy bag at all. it is fashionable and stylish, but it's not a "fad" simply bc it has great details, doesn't scream logo, and of course, it's chanel!

    i'm still waiting for my SV box to come...