Help!!!! I need your advice!!!!

  1. Hi girls, a few months ago I fell in love with the Chloé Paddington in whiskey.
    I've been desperatly looking for one but it's hard to find. As I dndn't want to pay full price I start to search on eBay... and my first experience with eBay has been a disaster, I bought a paddington and obviously it was fake! From that moment on I started to collect information about paddingtons and I suscribed to your forum, which has helped me so much!
    I finally found one real on eBay but the seller was asking 1267$, I made her an offer because it seemed too much to me (I forgot to say that the bag is new, the pictures look very good and she said she bought it from NAP but she never used it).
    So I offered 1041$, because well I don't think I can put much more, I mean my friends don't understand why I want to pay so much for a bag and in a way I understand that because after all it's not something you really need.
    The seller made me another offer of 1172$. I know the real price of the bag, but it's so difficult to pay so much and with all the great deals you can find and the sales...
    Unfortunately I don't have the chance to have any Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman or stores like this here.
    Do you think I should wait and maybe I will find a great deal on ebay or somewhere else, or do you think I should grab it. I know I really want this color and as it's a past collection I'm afraid to don't find it.

    Thank you so much girls! Any advice will be appreciated ;)
  2. Is it a BNWT bag?

    Remember that sellers on eBay have to pay fees to eBay and Paypal, which add up to about 10% and if they are selling a bag that they have bought to sell, they will also want to make a small profit; otherwise, why bother?

    Therefore, you can't really expect a new, authentic bag, that is being sold on eBay, to be very cheap, unfortunately. Whatever the bag is currently going for in-store, expect to pay at least 20% more on eBay.

    Anything below that and I would begin to question a bag's authenticity and/or condition. Either that, or the seller may be a con-artist and not intend to send you the bag at all.

    You may get better deals on used bags, but then you have to be very careful to avoid sellers who misrepresent condition.

    BTW, if I remember correctly, Neiman Marcus and BG will ship abroad, but you have to call them. :yes:
  3. BNWT means Buy New With Tags????
    Well from the pictures I've seen the bag seems real and in very good condition, she put a lot of pictures of the bag in the auction.
    I didn't know NM and BG shipped abroad but I also have to consider the taxes.
    With great deals I meant that maybe I could find one gently used and not so expensive
  4. ^ BNWT means Brand New With Tags. :yes:

    I'm not suggesting anything about this seller, as I obviously know nothing about her, but it should be remembered that some sellers photograph a bag before they use it and then sell it after they've used it. Or photograph one bag and then send you another (bait and switch); so you can't always go by photos, unfortunately.

    From the price of the bag, I imagine that if she's an honest seller, it's either lightly used, or she bought it in a half price (or less) sale and is selling it on at a small profit. :yes:

    Do you have a link to the auction?
  5. I know that NM ships internationally. IF you can, call a NM and inquire about the bag first so you have options. Feel free to call my SA, Lisa at (248) 635-8442.

  6. OT: Jag, 15 yrs ago I lived for a short while in Farmington Hills and I must say you have one of the Best NMs! Nice store.
  7. I don't know how to thank you! I was really going to buy it, she seemed really honest and "friendly".
    THANK YOU REALLY!!! I'm really upset after reading all this!
    You can't imagine how angry I am!!! I should have thrown so much money!!!
  8. That's Nathalia - very friendly and communicative, until she's got your money. :yes:

    There's a good chance she'd have scammed you, as she doesn't like (what she considers to be) low offers.

    No problem at all, BTW! :flowers:

    I'm just glad I saw your thread. It was actually a lucky coincidence, as, until recently, I hadn't visited the Chloe sub-forum for a while. :biggrin:
  9. I've been so lucky!
    I'm reading all the thread she started and also the other link you sent me, but how is it possible that she's still selling on ebay! I really don't understand, she has no shame!
    Can't we do something?!!! :cursing: She could probably stole other people!!
  10. I know. :yes: I don't know why they don't stop her.

    Well, I do really - fees. What else could it be? :shrugs:

    eBay even admit that whether they suspend a seller temporarily, or permanently, depends on how long they've been selling, how many sales they have made etc.