Help, I need your advice!

  1. I have a credit at Cartier's for about $750.00 This is just about enough for a trinity ring, or love earring studs, or a narrow love ring, or, if I add a little, a regular love band. I don't mind adding a little, but I refuse to add a lot:rolleyes:

    Every ten minutes I change my mind as to what makes the most sense. I always wear my diamond on my wedding ring finger, and I've recently received the tiffany etoile ring which I wear on my right hand ring finger. If I get another ring it would go on my left pointer finger, but that's a lot of rings, maybe. Ear studs would be nice and I do have two sets of holes, but I also have really small earlobes. The problem for though is that the thought of $750.00 for white gold screw tops seems stupid to me, but only sometimes. Sometimes it seems cute. I like pink gold, it's pretty, but I don't own anything else that could match it. HELP!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Oh my, you lucky girl. I would get a trinity ring. They are so classic and go with everything. I've been wanting one for months now... it's not No. 1 on the current jewelry priority list, but it would be if I had a $750 credit at Cartier! :roflmfao:
  3. Hellow, did you ever decide on which Cartier piece to get? I'm asking because I'm now considering the Trinity ring and wanted to know what you thought about it.
  4. my vote is for the trinity ring. post pics if you get it.
  5. I've got trinity rings both in gold and in white gold. I love them because they can stack. You can STACK it on your right hand with your etoile and get a different look. Plus, they are REALLY FUN to jangle and play with.

    Don't forget, Cartier also make small leather goods, pens and other things that are very cool and within your budget, too. But I'd get the ring. I love mine.
  6. hi sailagator! i am now in the process of deciding on a trinity ring. you mention stacking, how have you stacked those? i have been wondering how diamond eternity rings would look on either side. i am not sure how they would fit. do you have any answers of pics? thanks!
  7. :roflmfao: Oh, wow. Little surprsied to realize this was a thread I started. The epic story of what happened to that credit since October 3d is huge. Let's see... I bought the three colored trinity ring but returned them; they looked really bad on my short skinny fingers. They're beautiful on elegant hands, but on me they just made my fingers look even smaller--not good. I bought the Love pierced earrings, but obsessed on the absurdity of spending $750. on plain earrings that looked like screw heads stuck in my ears. The hardware store could provide the same look for a whole lot less--took those back. As you can imagine, the sales people at Cartier's were beginning to hate to see me coming.

    Meanwhile, I changed my engagement ring setting from yellow gold to platinum, so while I haven't worn a wedding band in years, I decided a plain skinny platinum band from Cartier's would probably be the best way to spend that money. I didn't mind paying the premium (being ripped off) for the price of the band, after all my marriage is worth Cartier. Besides I wasn't finding anything else that was lighting up my life. For the record, I also have a Michael Bondanza half diamond eternity band, but I like the idea of the honesty of a plain, sincere band. By the way, ROFL:shame: , Cartier did what they never do, they issued a refund for the difference in price (about $100.) They really didn't want to see me coming back!:P

    Last detail, after I lost two diamonda in that damned etoile band, I sold it. Pretty, but not worth the aggrevation.


  8. I wouldn't stack them with eternity rings on either side. I generally stack it on top of one band. So if you have a band that you wear (wedding or band on the right hand side or whatever side you usually wear it) I've sometimes stacked with an eternity band at the bottom, then the rolling ring, then a small gemstone solitaire in a bezel setting on top of that. Right now, they're in the SD box, so I'm sorry I can't photograph them for you, but that is how I stack it either 1) band at the bottom, roller on top OR 2) band at the bottom, then roller, then single bezel set gemstone.
  9. So, you used up your credit on a plain band and got a bit of a refund?

    Good going!!
  10. Ohh pics when you get it!!!!! I wish I had $750 to Cartier!
  11. The trinity ring is $750? I thought the trinity ring was three diamonds bands together? Is there a pic because I seem to be confused!
  12. The trinity ring is available as three bands in all white gold, three bands in yelow pink and white gold, three bands in three colors with one band of with diamonds, and three bands of three colors, and all three bands have diamonds. This band is one of Cartier's staples and they've made it in a boatload of varieties including more than three bands (five or seven) over the years.

  13. Plain platinum band, actually. but yeah. :shame: Kind of embarrassing I guess, but I do like the ring, and platinum has gone up so maybe it wasn't too big of a rip off:shame: .
  14. Oooh! Excellent. Platinum is really pretty! (Its only a rip-off if you don't like it, you know?)