Help! I need your advice on which JC bag

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  1. Hi All,
    I posted a few weeks ago about purchasing the JC "Rufina" bag in chocolate brown. I was in NYC last week and saw the same color in the "Radiant" style and now I'm thinking this is a cuter style bag. What do you ladies think?? I have time to return the "Rufina".
    For those of you who have the "Radiant" do you like it and is it big enough to carry alot in it? :yes:
  2. Can you post a pic of your Rufina?
  3. I am not sure how to post a to learning this.. Robynbenz had posted it for me on her reply last week. I just know it is on the JC website when I typed in Rufina.Thanks for replying to me.
  4. this is the rufina

    Attached Files:

  5. I like the Radiant more. The Rufina looks very tall/deep. Is it easy to acces stuff in it?
  6. I agree with Polaremil....I vote for the Radiant, it's a really nice bag with a great shape!
  7. Radiant gets my Vote!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks for posting the pic:tup: Its cute, but My vote goes to the Radiant too.:love:
    I'm basically pretty darn lazy and the Radiant to me seems easier to get in and out of - than a deeper bag.
    I hate having to dig to the bottom to find my keys or cell phone.
  9. :tup: for the Radiant!
  10. I really like the Radiant. I wore my Burgundy biker leather Radiant today! There is something so soft and squishy about the is so comfortable to wear. My phone fits right in the outer pocket on one side, and the keys in the other outer pocket. You can zip up your wallet in the center compartment. There is nothing bad about this style...everyone should have one!
  11. Thanks for all of your feedback, I really appreciate all your imput, back goes the Rufina, and I agree I like the shape of the Radiant better. Question, what do you gals think is the best color in JC bags that you can wear with most colors? I don't want black, have way too many black bags, I wear tons of brown clothing and alot of neutral prints. That's why I thought I would buy the Radiant in choco brown. Any other suggestions?
  12. Burgundy:wlae:
  13. ^ That was absolutely my choice as well...JC does burgundy like no one else (I should know, I have 2 JC burgundy bags!). But being color coordinated challenged I wasn't sure if it went well with brown as I don't wear much brown. Which explains my love of all things grey, black, and you know....more black.... ;)
  14. I have the burgundy Radiant and love it. It is a pretty good size bag...the largest bag I own so I am still getting used to it, but it is very light weight and looks great either carried on your shoulder or as a tote. I actually used it as a weekend bag when I carried it so it will hold LOTS! I wore it with black Choo flats and burgundy patent boots. It would look great with gold flats or navy as well.
  15. My vote is burgundy. Goes great with black and brown!