HELP......I need to stop buying!!!

  1. I seriously cannot believe that I went ahead and just bought another Gauffre. I was reading the "deals" thread and thought I would just take a peek at the Pradas on BlueFly when lo and behold a brown Gauffre popped up. It wasn't there the first time and it isn't there now (hopefully because I bought it), either way here it is:


    I couldn't pass up the deal. She was only $1612 after using my "first time buyer" discount with Bluefly. I seriously need to start selling some bags and quit looking at new bags!! (I keep telling myself "this is the last bag I will buy for the year......") Anyone else have this prob?? :sad:
  2. Oh YEAH! I'm right there with ya miu2!
    Bluefly is hitting us hard with great deals!
    Congratulations, she is a beauty and with your discount -- a STEAL!
    Soon, you and I can start a So.Cal Prada Club ...... LOL!
  3. Yeppers! I've had this one in my cart all morning. They even offered me an extra 15% off when I did a chat with a CSR. Luckily my Amex card experienced a meltdown or I'd have ANOTHER bag to hide from DH! :shame:

  4. I wanted those two bags badly, but my credit card meltdowned too :crybaby:
  5. ^^^Think of it as an external restraint system. Lord knows I need one!! :blush:
  6. PP - How did you talk to their CSR through chat so they were willing to give you 15% discount? I know my credit card meltdowned, but, I am going to use my another one. :devil:
  7. ^^^I did a chat, told the rep I was trying to use MISS236 for 15% off in the promo box and it wasn't working. She checked my account, came back and said to place the order and she'd take off 15% when I had the order number for her. That would have been around $1250 for that bag! Stupid Amex! I checked on what happened and apparently their computers are screwed up and I still don't have an answer. Sheesh!
  8. Well if it had to be another bag miu2, then you sure picked a winner!

    I was JUST about to put a Prada beauty of a tote in my basket when our wood floor panels were delivered. I come back to my computer and now it's gone.:crybaby::crybaby:

    Maybe this is a sign..........that I shouldn't leave my computer!!!
  9. ohh miu2 I just don't believe's fab bag,I am sure you will take care of her very well :smile:
    and PP I love that bag,also Gauffre has the same style I think..all of them gorgeous
    we have to accept that we are bagholics :smile: and at our situation it is not at early stages unfortunately
  10. ohhh miu2, it's soo beautiful! :love: Can't wait for pics! :drool:

    I have the same problem as you, and whenever I tell my sister "this will be the last bag for the next year.." She'd be like "yeah.. Right..!" And I'd prove her right.. :push: But so far it's been OK for me.. Haven't found another one yet.. But looking at all your recent purchases have made me very fond of the Gauffres and really want to get one now.. :push:
  11. I have really been out of control lately! I'm going to be taking you up soon for some watermarking on some pics to post on eBay. :yes:
    But this IS going to be my last bag purchase until 2008! (I've been on a shoe spree as well!) :graucho:
  12. heheh hope so..although I am sure you will buy at least one more heheh
  13. Me me me!!! I already bought 2 pradas this year, and now eyeing the bow satchel. I tell myself its the last bag but I know I am hoping for the prada frame tesutto in cera to appear. The worst thing is I'm not even working. :wacko:
  14. I'm in SERIOUS trouble now. I've found something that comes in an Orange box that I'm hyperventilating to get my hands on. I'd sell off most of my Pradas if DH would let me get it.

    Actually he wouldn't let me get it even IF I sold off all my Pradas. The man can't grasp what I'm paying for bags now, much less the ones that come in that Orange box. :wtf:
  15. ^^ I'd Kill for that red beauty in the orange box!! She's absolutely gorgeous!! :drool: You really should consider it PP~! :nuts: