HELP!!! I need to make a decision now!

  1. I'm a wreck right now! The best boyfriend on this planet just sent me a text message and it reads: "Mahina XL in white or Olympe Anthracite?" Either one would make me so happy I could cry but I need your help in deciding which one I should get! He knew I was drooling over these two bags and I can't believe he's actually going to get me one of them! He's been gone for 2 weeks now on a business trip and as much as I've been missing him, him walking into our house with an LV bag is just gonna make his homecoming even better! He's flying back tomorrow night so I need to make a decision today! Please help!
  2. Mahina!
  3. Olympe!
  4. omg, mahina. That's going to be the perfect homecoming, congrats :heart:
  5. Mahina XL! No wait, this decision is TOO hard! lol Good luck choosing!

    You cant go wrong either way though!
  6. Olympe!

    What a nice BF!
  7. MAHINA!!!:tup:
  8. Mahina
  9. Yes, he is! I am very, very lucky!
  10. Mahina. Hold on to that one, lol!!! (the bf I mean, well, the bag too obviously, but you know what I mean!)
  11. Mahina!!!
  12. mahina
  13. Lucky gal!

  14. Mahina gets my vote!
  15. They're both beautiful, so you can't go wrong with either... but I say go for the Mahina.