Help I need to know!

  1. How can you tell the difference between box calf and chamonix?

    Can you describe in details please! Is it possible to post images to compare if you have them.

    I read that Chamonix is usually blindstamped "Hermes made in France", but I have a friend who purchased a Kelly that the receipt said Chamonix and it was not blindstamped. PLease help clarify!!!
  2. Unlike Box Calf, Chamonix has no sheen. It's smooth like BC but completely matte. Some people say it has a light velvety texture. Not sure about the blandstamp thing...
  3. Kellybag, I have a couple of pictures to illustrate the difference between Chamonix and Boxcalf:

    The first pic is black Box. You can see the characteristic sheen or "glow". The second pic shows black Chamonix. Like Greentea said, Chamonix is basically the same; it just has a matte finish. And I agree, Chamonix has a more "velvety" feel. Not sure about the blindstamp problem but I've seen blindstamps on Chamonix bags and accessories. HTH!


  4. OMG! Chamonix is just Gorgeous!
  5. i thought barenia was the only leather that gets a blind stamp. but lucyndskywdmnds has seen it on chamonix, so i don't know there that leaves your friend.
  6. Oops, I'm afraid I completely misunderstood! What I meant by blindstamp is the letter/year, not the tone-on-tone stamping of "Hermes Paris Made in France". Sorry about that! As far as I know, Barenia is the only leather that gets a tone-on-tone stamp but I've seen some Barenia pieces w/ silver "Hermes Paris..." too. Confusing enough?!
  7. I've also seen tone-on-tone stamping of "Hermes Paris Made in France" on a Birkin in Vache Natural.

    Agree it's confusing :wacko:
  8. Hi Gigi, you're right, I have also seen blindstamping on Vache Natural. I know someone from another board who just bought a Birkin in Vache Natural and it certainly had the tone-on-tone blindstamping of "Hermes Paris...".
  9. I have seen the stamping of "Hermes Made in France" on Chamonix before.

    Kellybag - What do you mean by your friend's Kelly is not blindstamped? Do you mean no logo or no year stamp?
  10. I am sorry if I did not clarify properly...she has the normal blindstamping...year/craftsmaker, but since I remembered chamonix does a blindstamp with "Hermes Paris Made in France" on that leather I wondered why hers wasn't. I even did some looking on the web and found other chamonix bags blindstamped with the Made in etc. (It is a deeper nicer blindstamp or tone/tone as you call it, but still not done in gold etc.) So, I suppose this tone on tone stamping is not done as regular practice on all chamonix bags? That is what I am getting at.

    I thought maybe that was one way (the stamping) to identify chamonix vx box calf, but maybe I am wrong.

    You learn something new everyday!
  11. Kellybag, I think I understand where you're getting at. I, too, am confused particularly about "blindstamping" on certain types of Hermes leathers. Here's what states about the two leathers that you are referring to:

    "Calf Box: Classic smooth calf leather. A more rigid structure than the grainy leathers. Will show scratches more than the textured leathers, but over time it will develop a beautiful “patina”. Calfbox is one of the few skins that can be re-conditioned by Hermès - they send it to France to the original craftsmen that created the piece, and it will be returned almost as new!"
    Chamonix: Another variation of smooth calf leather similar to “Box”, just matte instead of shiny. Frequently combined with white topstich. Looks great on Kelly bags…very sophisticated. Distinguished by natural "Hermès Made In France" blindstamps instead of the usual printed tecnique. Can be re-conditioned."

    I don't own a box kelly so I can't post pics for you to compare, but I have posted a few pics below of my chamonix kelly to help you see more of what "matte" looks like and also so you can see that mine IS ALSO NOT BLINDSTAMPED like your friend's.

    With regard to chamonix, the girls are correct, it has a "velvetty" feel to it, but it also has a very nice soft sheen (hard to capture in photos but see photos kelly2 and kelly3 without flash--natural light). To me, chamonix is rich-looking, soft to the touch, scrumptous, sophisticated, and of course, a wonderful smell! :love: The only thing I can compare it to is the Chanel (black) classic quilted flap bag (2.55) in lambskin.

    With regard to BLINDSTAMPING, I purchased mine last year ("I" stamp) so perhaps Hermes is either no long "blindstamping" chamonix leathers OR only some are blindstamped OR is incorrect in their information. I don't know...I am just as confused as you. :lol:

    Hope this helps with at least the difference in leathers.

  12. Thanks for bringing up chamonix kellybag and for sharing photos ivette. Beautiful!
  13. I love your bag Ivette. What size is it?
  14. Lucy & Ivette, thanks for the photos. It is always so much easier to understand with the photos! :smile:
  15. Yummy!!!