Help! I need to get to the Ban thread...

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  1. I just saw two bags that I am dying for, and I mean DYING for. vintage pieces, not on the "new" wish list... Both long almas, which I guess is a bag I just adore...

    But, I'm so afraid to make a purchase right now, cause not sure if I have a renter for my townhouse, or if I'll need to sell... scary scary time, but will all be okay...

    I just can't buy the bags, (not even one for cheap) would not be a good thing.

    Boy, does that hurt. They are FREAKING gorgeous! ugh.:Push:
  2. I know it is so hard ot pass up items that we think will never come around again, but if it's not the right time, I would try to resist.
    I am sure you'll be able to locate the bags you desire when the time is right, and we'll all really celebrate with you then! :yes: How's that!?!:noworry:
  3. Veronika... Be strong grrl, you just paid off your debts and have your new home and income property to consider... Next year there will be tons of new LV drools for you to select from... :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :yes::yes:
  4. awwww sweetie.....I understand your pain! They'll always pop up again when you have the $$ for sure!!!!
  5. Thank you! You're both so right. I'll do that. Check em out on Let's Trade, the long pink alma mini mono (or whatever it's called) and the long peach grafitti alma. It's okay, if someone else buys them, they won't last, both are way too clean. But, when the time is right, it will be better... thank you both. You've helped me be strong... I'm not going there, I just can't. Just paid for 1/2 of my horse too! And, that felt really good. So, continue to enjoy the LV that I have... thanks girls, you're the best!
  6. Thanks Twiggers, you're so right... whew... I sweated the $800 for that long peach alma, but she'll come around again, if it was meant to be, hugs... rough day, just found out a friend died... man, life is short, we gotta live it every day! Thank ya'll!
  7. BE STRONG!! the bags will come around again! the long alma is gorgeous though.

    so sorry about your friend. :sad:
  8. ohhh stay strong gf!!! If you get the renter then get one...tell yourself you have a goal...mission to find someone to rent your townhouse....I soo want to buy right now but, remind myself dh will scream and more cc debt is not soo what you have until you get more $$$$$ I wish I had some big $$$$$ to spend on handbags and other goodies....stay strong Vee you can do it!!!!!

  9. You are going to MTL...right on you will soo love it!!! MLT rocks big time!!! Brush up on your french now....ohhhllaaallllaaaaa....:P
  10. Haha, I am so excited, I have never been before!! :nuts: I have been trying to go for years now but something always comes up. I took french in high school, but that was forever ago and I should probably brush up.

    Veronika, you said in another thread you just paid for 1/2 of your horse, and even though we :heart: purses, that is WAY better than any purse! :biggrin: I agree with LVpug, once you get a renter, make sure you get the purse if it available!!
  11. Oh, Vee, I am sooo sorry to hear about your friend. Big hugs to you---(((((Vee))))):heart:

    Stay strong. It's hard, but those pieces or something you may like even more will come up again in the future when you're ready to buy!:yes:
  12. Oh no, I am sorry to hear about your friend.
    The bags will come up again, when the time is right for you! Take care.