Help...I Need to Find a Belt To Match my New BCBG Shoes

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  1. Hello everyone...

    I just purchased these new shoes from Lord & Taylor and I would like to find a brown belt that would match them. I want a wide belt. I have a hard time finding belts in brown for some reason so any suggestions or links would be appreciated. TIA


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  2. Omg I love these shoes, I'm waiting to get the snakeskin ones! But I wasn't really sure if you wanted a wide belt like a waist belt or just thick belt. But heres one of a waist wide belt. I will also look for others and let you know.'Women's%2BAccessories%2BBargains'%252f%252f%252f%252f&dk=brown%20belt&deptid=11&catid=104&prodid=1111491584&
  3. Hi!!! Thanks for helping me. I still have no luck. I would like a waist belt. I am going on vacation to Miami and bought a whole bunch of spring dresses and these shoes go will basically all of them. I need a belt to go with them too. I just rather have it be all leather. I own a shiny patent one almost like this. And one in dark brown. I just have a hard time finding this color or cognac in general. I tried a couple of months a go when I purchased my cognac boots with no luck.

    Snake ones??!!! Do you have a pic? I wish they were a lil shorter though. Im 5'5 so it wont be too bad I just don't know how comfy they will be for a day of shopping or whatever.

    I love their shoes and have the BCBG snake Zevelina and ADORE them. I just wish I got them in black too. However, I have found that after wearing them for a while they tend to hurt. Especially where the peep toe opening is.
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  5. ^^Thanks. I just got them today, and boy are they gorgeous. They are true to sizes too. I was afraid at first b/c the arch is so high I thought with my foot being pushed forward the toes would be brought out too far. However, not an issue at all. I am excited and can not wait to get my dresses to see if they all go well. I ordered them online from Victoria's Secret. I am taking a HUGE chance b/c most of the time their clothes quality is terrible. I told myself I would never order from them again but they look so good on the Hopefully, it all works out. I am going to try the mall tomorrow. I really want an exact match and for most of the dresses a belt is vital. Thanks again for your help it is really appreciated. :flowers:
  6. Thanks for the tips and I hope you find your belts! Also have fun on your vacation I'm sure your going to have a wonderful time!